Stay Home Essential : Smart Device Sonos helps you keep fit, stay motivated and maximise your time at home with brilliant sound

Sonos serves as the perfect companion to keep you safe and sound. From creating the perfect at-home workout and work-from-home playlists to setting up the ultimate home theatre experience to keeping kids entertained, Sonos is an essential tool.


Sound on, sweat on 

Beam Workout

Regular exercise keeps us healthy so it’s important to keep moving, even during long periods at home.


  1. Blast high energy music

Sound can supercharge your workouts. Listening to stimulating music can have a direct link to fitness performance, so put on a good workout playlist, hit play on Sonos (and turn it up!) and start getting those burpees, push-ups and mountain climbers in!

  1. Have somebody lead you in a workout – on TV

Here are the best Youtube channels for getting in shape for free. Tip: If you’ve got a Sonos PlaybarPlaybase or Beam, even better – broadcast the audio on a soundbar to feel like you’re at a workout class!

  1. Namaste at home


It doesn’t always have to be a high-intensity workout. Slow it down and focus on your breathing, your core and balance with yoga. Tune into a meditation playlist on Sonos to get into your zen state and find peace of mind.




Upgrade your working environment 


Music is proven to significantly boost our productivity, so stay inspired by creating a playlist to keep you motivated whilst working from home. Play your productive tunes with Sonos to inspire creativity and spark new ideas.





Sonos Kitchen

Keep your nutrition game up 

Help keep yourself healthy by including essential nutrients in your meals. And the best way to do that? Home-cooked meals! When we prepare our own food, we know exactly which ingredients and how much of each are going into our food.

The ideal kitchen companion is the Sonos One. You can spice up your cooking with some fun and groovy music, or be productive and listen to the news, podcasts, or the TV.




Sonos_Accessories_Stand-White-Lifestyle_Shot-Living_Room (1)Sonos_Accessories_Stand-Black-Lifestyle_Shot-Living_Room (3)

Netflix & Chill 

One doesn’t need to go to the movie theatre when you can build your own 3.1 home theatre system. Mix and match the Sonos Beam, Playbar or Playbase with a Sonos Sub to create a realistic movie experience in the comfort of your own home. Upgrade to a 5.1 by adding a Sonos One or One SL at the rear ends – now that’s an incredible home theatre.




Sonos-Lifestyle-Product-Shots-One-ChildHyperFocal: 0

Keep the kids entertained


Whilst long drawn out time at home can get tedious for adults, it can be even more challenging for kids! Keep the little ones entertained with Google Assistant on Sonos. With its ever growing library of educational games, quizzes and other playful content, kids can be entertained for hours.




One_SL_Black-Lifestyle-BedroomOne_SL_White-Lifestyle-Living_Room_Table Side

Set an alarm…to go to sleep!


Never underestimate sleep. Sleep is key to a healthy lifestyle and to build up your immune system. Come 11 p.m. (or 12 a.m. for those of you who just can’t sleep any earlier), try setting a “Go-to-Bed” alarm to your favorite wind-down playlist. It’ll set the right mood and serve as a reminder to stop binge-watching Netflix until tomorrow.


From the menu in your Sonos app, tap Alarms, then set your Bedroom alarm playlist to play for a duration that will allow ample time for pillow talk and a slow drift into sleep. Pick quiet ambient music, white noise or nature sounds from your selected streaming service, and set the sleep timer for it to shut off whenever you’d like. Close your eyes, drown everything else out and sleep soundly with Sonos.


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