BackBeat FIT 300 Black



S$ 149 

PERFORMANCE Good sound quality and battery power.

USING IT Very easy to use, easy pairing

TECHNOLOGY : Wireless Bluetooth

VERDICT : Relatively easy to use with great functions; great for those who like clear sound and reasonable battery power. I like that it is easy and fast to pair. Another plus point : sweat proof.

RATING: 8/10

BackBeat FIT 300 Black

The new products include the BackBeat FIT 305 and BackBeat FIT 505, which are designed to meet various wearing styles and help inspire any athlete wherever they are on their fitness journey. Delivering Plantronics’ signature audio quality and performance, the new BackBeat FIT 305 and 505 also include the features that Plantronics headphones are known for: comfort, stability and durability.

BackBeat FIT 300 Black

The BackBeat FIT 305, one of the world’s lightest Bluetooth® headphones, is designed to easily transition between fitness and everyday life. The wireless earbuds offer a discreet, ultra-light, portable and sweatproof design that stays comfortably stable and blocks out unwanted gym noise. The low friction cloth cable, six hours of battery life and a patent-pending, secure-fit ear tip design make the BackBeat FIT 305 a perfect match for both active and everyday use while still providing an immersive listening experience.


The BackBeat FIT 305 is available today in four colors – black/gray, dark blue/blue, gray/lime green and gray/coral for S$149


BackBeat FIT 305  available at Challenger, Sprint-Cass, Newstead, Nubox, Harvey Norman, Courts, Best Denki, EpiCentre, Stereo, Mustafa Centre, iStudio, Inforcom, Parisilk, Gain City, Connect IT, Xgear, Popular, 1st Mobile, and Analogue+.

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