A Defining Moment: Maison Martell Presents the Daring New Martell XO



Maison Martell has unveiled its emblematic Martell XO cognac with a striking new design that further enhances its prestige. The distinctive arch-shaped bottle – so famous that, in some countries, it is referred to simply as “the arch” – has been thoroughly updated, with cleaner, more dynamic lines and refined brushed-gold trim conveying the energy and elegance of Martell XO.



The daring new Martell XO was revealed on 18 October 2019 in Shanghai. With its bold, contemporary design and uniquely intense, powerful taste,
Martell XO is an expression of the audacity of Maison Martell, which – throughout its 300-year history – has challenged convention in order to set new standards. This spirit speaks to cognac lovers whose own drive and daring have set them on the path to success. Indeed, the advertising campaign which accompanies the new design evokes those “defining moments” – audacious decisions and decisive actions – which can change the course of a life.


Martell XO is Maison Martell’s signature interpretation of the prestigious Grande Champagne terroir. The power and intensity characteristic of Grande Champagne eaux-de-vie are uniquely revealed by the House’s specific double distillation of exclusively clear wines and ageing in barrels of fine-grained oak. Their forceful character is balanced by the elegance of eaux-de-vie from the rare Borderies cru, with which Maison Martell is historically associated.


Martell XO is thus instantly recognisable for its exceptional combination of power and finesse: on the nose, it is distinguished by a piquant, spicy sensation with notes of black and pink pepper and coriander, rounded out by rich aromas of fig, walnut and sandalwood; on the palate, intense notes of fig, red fruit and blackcurrant bud lead into an exceptionally long, robust finish.


The launch in Shanghai was attended by the acclaimed actor, singer, entrepreneur and chef Nicholas Tse, who has recently been named a Martell Ambassador in Asia. His charismatic personality and outstanding achievements embody the daring spirit of Martell XO, the cognac that marks life’s defining moments.


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