ISHI opens at InterContinental Singapore Robertson Quay | Good Omakase at Great Price

Situated in the historical enclave along the Singapore River at InterContinental Singapore Robertson Quay, ISHI spans 1370 square feet, and offers up to 28 diners at any one time the best of traditional Japanese fine dining an intimate, rustic yet sophisticated setting.

Ishi exterior 2


Experience being at one with nature through the elevated art form of sushi at ISHI (石), established with the aim of serving as Singapore’s gateway to Japan’s finest, freshest and most premium seasonal ingredients through an extraordinary cultural and gastronomic experience of creative cuisine and impeccable service. 
Ishi private rooms


Splendour in simplicity

Helmed by Executive Head Chef Hideki li and Head Chef, Masaaki, the Japanese sushi counter at ISHI offers premium sushi and sashimi one would expect of a Ginza-style sushi-ya, but also with more kaiseki-styled cooked dishes ranging from grilled meats and shabu shabu. Head chef Masaaki Sakashita used to work at Hashida Sushi, so it is no surprise that the highlight here is the sushi.

chef masaaki

Chef Masaaki


Chef Masaaki and Chef Suzuki

Diners can also look forward to exotic seasonal offerings from Japan such as fresh conches and hairy crabs. ISHI loosely translates to “stone” in Japanese, and has traditionally been associated as a symbol of perseverance and strength. True to this concept, Chefs and the owners of ISHI share a philosophy of handling every element in its purest and most essential form with the highest possible level of culinary skills and artistic sensibilities:

Ishi interior 2


From the décor and tableware, to especially the food that is served. Every aspect of the restaurant is hence embraced by the unique textures and raw beauty of stone, engulfing diners in a Zen-like atmosphere of refinement as they indulge in nature’s finest gastronomic offerings.

Flown in freshly, from farm to table

Be it from Tsukiji or Kyushu, Osaka or Hokkaido, the provinces and towns from which each ingredient hails from have been strategically sourced for according to their reputation and seasonal availability. While remaining firmly devoted to tradition, the chef intends to continuously incorporate new ingredients and techniques with every change in menu so as to retain an element of surprise for ISHI’s guests.

Courses begin from $48++ for 7 pieces sushi set, Ulala menu $80++ comprising a starter, kaisen chirashi don, soup and dessert, to $180++ for the premium Omakase meal featuring an assortment of sushi, sashimi and wagyu beef with a variety of sides.





Today we tried the lunch set menu

Lunch Menu

Chirashi Set, Lunch , $68





Shirako chawanmushi

Shirako is the milt, or sperm sacs, of male cod. It’s served in both raw and cooked form in restaurants all over Japan




Chirashi, also called chirashi sushi (ちらし寿司) is one of my favorite Japanese meals. The word “chirashi” means “scattered,” so this is basically a big bowl of rice mixed with fish, vegetables, and additional ingredients of your choice.


(Add On to Lunch Menu) Wagyu beef steak (70g) $55

Miyazaki A5 beef with garlic, wasabi , snow flake salt

We added the wagyu, which comes from Miyazaki. Each order has a few thin slices that are grilled. The well-marbled beef is worth the price, one slice a person is enough to complement the meal. Any more would be too much because of the fat.


Snowflake salt made in Japan, specially for ISHI

Snowflake salt is the best gourmet finishing salt available. From the cold, clean waters of the Pacific, this natural sea salt has perfectly balanced flavor and beautifully white, shimmering crystals that are reminiscent of freshly fallen snow. Snowflake’s light, flaky texture, delicate taste and excellent crunch make it ideal for finishing any meal. As a finishing touch, sprinkle over pasta, chicken or steak, grilled vegetables or lightly salt your butter for beautiful presentation and phenomenal flavor. Use this versatile salt on anything to brighten your dishes and add mouthwatering flavor.


Sake Ice Cream

Sake ice cream, made with sakekasu, is a light, palette-cleansing dessert compared to regular ice cream. A simple concoction, but one that leaves a pleasing impression.

Overall ISHI serves fine Japanese cuisine at attractive prices. Definitely worth a visit.

ISHI is now open at

InterContinental Singapore Robertson Quay

1 Nanson Road, #02-06/07, Singapore 238909 +65 98298239

Operating Hours Tuesday to Sunday Lunch: 12pm to 2.30pm
Dinner: 6.30pm to 10.30pm




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