Mythz & Myths, founded by Chef Martin Wong, menu focused on French cuisine, with an Asian touch


M&M_Restaurant Interior 2_(Edited)

Mythz & Myths, formed up by a kitchen and a hidden bar, was founded by Chef Martin Wong. He is also the Head Chef and pillar of the team.
Chef’s menu is mainly focused on French cuisine, with a touch of Asian flair. He is very particular about his ingredients used in his cooking, Chef Martin refreshes his menu once every 3 months, incorporating seasonal produce.
M&M_Restaurant Interior 1_(Edited)
Chef Martin aims to bring out a different dining experience to guests. Rather than casual dining, and fine dining, Chef Martin calls it a ‘Dinner Party’ , where there will be much more interactions with guests, and for the team to cook right in front of the guests. He and his team will also explain the dish to the guests for a better understanding. Guests can expect something fun and relax.
In their Bar, you will meet the Head bartender – Darren. It is a bar that focuses on cocktails. Mixing up different sort of alcohol and flavours has always been Darren’s passion. Be sure to ask for their signature cocktails.

tasting menu 5

Special 5 course menu

Start off with Amuse-bouche, a 4-tiered pagoda of flavours. It makes quite a dramatic entrance when this is presented in front of the guests. Guests should get their camera ready to capture the moment when the lid is removed.


A 4-tiered pagoda of flavours





Hamachi Crudo, rose scent pickled kohlrabi, fermented orange vinaigrette

Crudo is the Italian answer to sushi. They believed soy sauce and wasabi kill the delectable tastes of the beautiful fresh raw fish. … A dish couldn’t possibly exist, live, without olive oil, the oxygen in Italian cuisine! Simply cut your Hamachi into sashimi like slices. Kohlrabi, also called German turnip, is a biennial vegetable, a low, stout cultivar of wild cabbage. It is the same species as cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower, kale, Brussels sprouts, collard greens, Savoy cabbage, and gai lan. It can be eaten raw or cooked.



Hokkaido Urchin, grilled lady fingers, citrus curried foam, Japanese egg yolk emulsion, Indian crackers.

Hokkaido sea urchin tends to have a creamier, smoother texture and a more balanced sweet, yet ocean-like flavor. When slightly torched over grilled lady fingers, and eaten together with citrus curried foam , egg yolk emulsion and Indian crackers, it gives you a multi-dimension texture and flavours.


Before the meat dish is served, Chef offered a selection of knife with Tattoo. These are from DEEJO knife, tattoo collection.


Deejo is a trademark that belongs to Coriolis, 22 rue Charles Graindorge, F-93170 Bagnolet, France. Coriolis, founded by Luc Foin and Stéphane Lebeau is dedicated since 1995 to cutlery items and outdoor gear. Their products are sold under 2 brands : Baladeo and Deejo. Crafted with the utmost care and with respect to both the craftsmen and the environment, their products are sold all over the world. The products are hand-crafted with materials both traditional (wood, horn, high-performance stainless steel) and modern.



Hokkaido Snow Beef, golden pear, hot soy paste, marinated lettuce, jus

We compared the Kobe and Hokkaido Snow Beef. Flavour wise, the Kobe tastes a little beefier but the difference is small. However, the texture of the Hokkaido Snow beef is very distinct. Whilest the Kobe is already luxuriously juicy, the Hokkaido Snow Beef has a very pleasing and satisfying chew. With the Kobe, you will still be able to discern the meat fibres while chewing, but the with the Hokkaido, the meat is so finely marbled that you could hardly detect the fibres.

While waiting for the next course to be served, Chef introduce an additional item not part of the 5 course menu, the BBQ lamb ribs.


BBQ lamb ribs

There are two challenges in cooking ribs. One is to retain enough flavor, which largely comes from the fat, without retaining any more fat than is absolutely necessary. Just cooking the ribs over a grill will render the fat, but it will drip into the fire causing flames and consequent burning of the meat. But there are professional ways of dealing with it, which easily gets rid of the fat and simplifies your grilling because the fat-rendering long-cooking process may be done hours ahead. The lamb ribs here are done over long process so that is why it is tender and the meat almost fell off the bone when you pick up the rib with your hand.

We were pleasantly surprise about the lamb ribs, and would recommend you try this when you visit.



Ox Tail & Wagyu Tea, brown shimeiji, tofu, coriander oil, lemon zest, togarashi



Ispahan, lychee, coconut, fermented raspberry, rose, St. Germain elder flower ice cream.

Ispahan is the name for a type of rose, although it doesn’t look the traditional red ones whose petals grace the dessert.


Martin took his craft to the next level by intentionally honing his skills within the ironclad doors of the 2 Star Michelin celebrity restaurant – L’Aterlier de Joel Robuchon, being trained directly under the belts of the Starred celebrity chefs for close to 2 years.

With a mission in mind, Martin took to Sweden to seek out the final key to unlock his dreams. This decision kept him busy in Frantzén’s kitchen for 2 whole months before he returned home brimming with inspirations & knowledge.

Martin now performs his “Walk of the World” at Mythz & Myths – a restaurant birthed together with like-minded individuals, featuring ingenious usage of Scandinavian ingredients incorporated with Asian essence and topped with an unusual guest – French elements; into an intricately rare Nordic menu.


Restaurant Lunch | Tuesday – Friday, 12 – 3pm Last Order – 2:30pm

Dinner | Tuesday – Saturday, 6 – 11pm Last Order – 9:30pm

Bar Tuesday – Saturday, 5pm – Midnight Last Order – 10:45pm for Bar Bites, 11:30pm for Drinks


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