Beneteau will launch the two Flyer 8 SPACEdeck and SUNdeck boats at this year’s Cannes Yachting Festival in September


the Flyer 8 Sundeck



the Flyer 8 Spacedeck



Reiterating the concept that brought success to Beneteau in the day-boat segment of the powerboat market, the two new Flyer 8s have the same hull development, equipped with Air Step2, which offers quick lift-off, comfort and great stability. The boat comes with two different deck plans and interiors: the SPACEdeck has a central console, while the SUNdeck offers a double cabin under the large sunbathing area.


Extremely spacious and practical, another major feature of the two new Flyer 8 boats is that they are easily transported.



The two day boats are the fruit of a collaboration between Beneteau Power and the Style&Design office and they place the accent on volume and elegant simplicity. A taut and well-balanced line instantly draws the eye and the black pulpits confer the two new models with a boldly modern profile.


Flyer 8 powerboats offer a surprising amount of space and easy movement on board. The clever modular aft bench seat is easy to fold back providing optimum cockpit space. There are also lots of ergonomic storage spaces distributed throughout the boat.

Beneteau has focused on details and comfort on board, reworking the cabinet work and stainless steel, and offering a selection two different shades of upholstery to match your choice  of  interior.  These  top-quality  finishes are a demonstration of the boatyard’s great expertise.

In line with the current market trends, the single-engine boat has much to offer in terms of ergonomics, cost effectiveness and performance. The limited space occupied by the engine makes it easier to move about the stern. The two new Flyer 8 powerboats are also much lighter with a reduction of their light weight of nearly 7%. As for performance, the 350 hp engine power developed in partnership with Suzuki is more than satisfactory with top speeds guaranteed at 43 knots, offering plenty of excitement to thrill seekers!


The Flyer 8 SPACEdeck is extremely versatile and perfectly suited to day boating programmes– swimming, fishing or exploring with the family. The deck plan makes movement on board easy and there is a wide choice of fittings. The optional in-built fishing station replaces the bench seat with a counter, live bait well, rod holder and various other fittings. An elegant fishing T-top completes the fittings, offering effective shelter from the sun and the rain.


Ideal for a weekend relaxing with friends, the Flyer 8 SUNdeck has a large sun lounger at the bow, with port and starboard walkways redesigned to make it easier to reach. These large passageways on either side of the driver station make movement on board much safer. This model also stands apart for its top-quality living areas inside. With remarkable headroom, a cabin fitted with a double berth, an independent head, and a galley station, this version outclasses the usual day boat standards, so you will probably decide to enjoy the pleasures of the sea a little bit longer.



The two new Flyer 8s combine fun and simplicity with endless features and they both have a certified capacity of 10 people and can be used with a trailer.




体现了博纳多动力艇在日间巡航艇板块的成功产品概念,这两艘飞扬8的船身都配有第二代空气进阶技术Air Step®,在速度和加速度方面提供更为出色的驾乘体验,同时在舒适度和稳定性上也更胜一筹。两艘船型的区别在于甲板布局和内部空间规划上:空间甲板型拥有一个中央控制台,而阳光甲板型在大型日光浴区的下方位置提供一个双人客舱。




这两艘船型是博纳多动力艇和Style & Design设计事务所联手合作的成果,外观优雅简洁,空间宽裕。船身线条和谐紧凑,白色的船身搭配黑色的防护栏让这两款船型充满现代感。











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