The Garage is a multi-concept F&B destination uniquely located within the Botanic
Gardens, Singapore’s only UNESCO Heritage site. Over the past year, The Garage has enchanted diners and strollers in the Gardens with the two establishments housed
within its beautiful 1920s Art Deco conserved architecture, namely Botanico and Bee’s Knees.

Botanico revamped its spaces, diners now sit in a lush indoor hall and an air-cooled outdoor terrace, surrounded throughout by greenery – a garden within a garden. With chef Sujatha Asokan steering the kitchen, Botanico has taken on a bistro- style menu with contemporary European roots in technique, and with Asian inflections that pay homage to the Singaporean chef now at the helm. The dishes and cocktails are crafted to tell stories of botanical adventure.

Botanico indoor dining (3)

Interiors of Botanico

The unrivalled beauty of the Garden’s settings inspires the enhanced interiors of Botanico. The indoor spaces now beckon with lusher greenery. Leaves, ferns and blossoms sit on shelves or are suspended from the ceiling. With sunlight flooding in, the space becomes a verdant oasis. The lighting in the hall has been modulated and its seats repositioned so that diners experience a heightened sense of calm, space and privacy.


Botanico outdoor terrace (4)

Outdoors Terrace

Outdoors, the spacious wood-floored terrace has been transformed. A bar counter fills one end while, on the other, a wall twinkles with fairy lights. Illumination remains soft to complement the surrounding greenery. A discreet air-cooling system specially designed for the outdoors keeps revellers cool and fresh all evening.


Chef Sujatha Asokan

Chef Sujatha Asokan

The cuisine of Botanico is exuberantly bistro in style; rooted in contemporary European methodology, it is integrated with Asian inflections. Botanical elements abound throughout the experience at Botanico, such as little nuggets of information in the menu linking the food on the plate with the botany of the Gardens, evoking moments of joyous recognition. This celebratory spirit is also present in the easy way different dishes can be made vegetarian or vegan; and in the carefully curated vegetarian and vegan set menus.



Seasonal Oysters (1)

Seasonal Oysters , Fresh oysters topped with a chilli-shallot-fish sauce dressing

The oysters currently used are from Ireland. The sauce is made by sweating chopped shallots, birds’ eye and big red chillies, then mixing them with freshly squeezed lime juice, Thai fish sauce and chopped coriander leaves.



Cauliflower, Shallow-fried, tossed in Cañarejal fondue and finished with kaffir lime zest and spiced almonds.

Milk is brought to a boil with cream added, then blended with cañarejal cheese. Exclusive to Botanico in Singapore, cañarejal cheese is a traditional raw unpasteurised sheep’s milk cheese from Northern Spain. Local cauliflower is deep fried and smoked in an Inka wood-fired oven, then tossed together with the cañarejal cheese cream mixture. Almonds are sauteed with butter and cumin, and sprinkled over the dish, which is finished with kaffir lime zest.

Asparagus Tempura (1)

Asparagus Tempura, Served on housemade miso hollandaise and topped with scallions and housemade sesame powder.

Fresh asparagus is coated in housemade tempura batter and deepfried until crispy.
The miso hollandaise is made by blending egg yolks, clarified butter, shallots and yellow miso, then aerating it with an espuma gun. The sesame powder, made in-house with Japanese sesame oil and tapioca maltodextrin, is dusted across as a garnish alongside chopped fresh scallions.



Beef Tongue, Sliced beef tongue, chipotle mayonnaise, mustard caviar, thinly sliced pickled celeriac

Australian beef tongue is brined, sous vide and chilled before being sliced very thinly with a meat slicer. Yellow mustard seeds are cooked in rice vingear, honey and soy sauce. They are boiled till soft, strained and further cooked with honey.
Celeriac is from France. They are julienned, then pickled in chardonnay vinegar,
sugar and water. The crunch comes from capers that have been deepfried.



Stockyard Wagyu Petit Tender, A tender steak from the shoulder, served with green sriracha, charred leek flowers and potato terrine

A petit tender is obtained from the cow’s shoulders; only four pieces are available from one cow. The petit tender, obtained from Australian wagyu, is trimmed, seasoned and grilled in the INKA. Green sriracha is made in-house with a blend of lime juice, lemongrass, green birds eye chilli, roasted green peppers, fresh grated coconut, ginger, turmeric, chive, mint, basil, and coriander. Potato terrine is made by infusing sliced potatoes in cream, chives and garlic, then laid into an insert with more seasoning and baked. It’s cooled and compressed at the same time, then pan seared until crispy.
The leek flowers, obtained locally, are blanched and grilled in the INKA.


Seabass Ceviche

Seabass Ceviche , Chef’s interpretation of Assam Laksa, comprising of a ceviche of  seabass with green chilli, pomegranate and shaved ginger flower, served with tamarind dressed glass noodles and shrimp paste ice cream.

Diced local seabass is dressed with lemon juice, lime juice, housemade chilli jam, extra virgin olive oil, finely diced jalapeno, shallots, coriander and mint. Tamarind laksa sauce is a blend of belachan, candlenuts, dried chilli, galangal, shallots and turmeric added to dried tamarind skins, local ginger flower, laksa leaves, lemongrass, seabass bones & trimmings and tamarind pulp to simmer for an hour and let cool before dressing the blanched glass noodles. The shrimp paste ice cream is made in-house with cream, milk, a little gelatin and shrimp paste (locally also known as hae ko).



Iberico Char Siew, Smoked and chargrilled top loin (pluma), carrot noodles, roasted carrot purée, honey pork jus.

Top loin is sourced from Spain, marinated overnight with housemade char siu sauce (fermented red yeast rice wine, oyster, sauce, light soya sauce, mirin, sesame oil, sugar, paprika & espelette pepper), then smoked under a low temperature in an Inka wood-fired oven for 30 minutes. The meat is chargrilled just before serving. Jus is cooked with pork bones, pork trotters and mirepoix. It is reduced and finished with pure honey.
Just before serving, ginger and orange juice are added to the roasted carrot purée for a more distinctive flavour.


Curry lamb neck

“Curry” Lamb Neck , 24-hour slow cooked lamb neck fillets, served with Vadouvan-spiced king oyster mushrooms, soy pickled tomatoes, roasted potato foam and pickled onions


Vadouvan, a blend of curry spices from France, is mixed with yoghurt to cook king oyster mushrooms that have first been cooked sous-vide style at 90 degrees for 4 hours, then julienned. Brined lamb neck is sous-vide at 55 degrees for 18 hours, then grilled in the INKA before serving. The tomatoes are blanched, peeled, and soaked in light soy sauce, ginger, rosemary, water and sugar for 24 hours, then strained and soaked in olive oil. Just before serving, it’s grilled in the INKA. The pickled onions are sliced Spanish onions that have been pickled in mirin, Japanese vinegar, sugar, curry leaves, clove, and star anise. For the potato foam, baked potatoes are peeled and the skin soaked in cream, milk, thyme and garlic. This mixture is then strained, blended with the potato flesh and aerated with the espuma gun.




Slipper Lobster Chittara, Fresh pasta cooked in a housemade Chinese XO sauce,
with sous-vide slipper lobsters and baby turnips.

The slipper lobster is sous-vide for 15 minutes at 54 degrees, before lightly searing in olive oil. The XO sauce is made by slow-cooking iberico ham trimmings, dried scallops, dried shrimps (hae bee), lemongrass, shallots, garlic, Thai fish sauce, dark soy sauce, sesame oil, housemade chicken stock, chilli flakes, sugar and salt for 2 to 3 hours.
Sliced baby turnips are pickled in apple cider vinegar, water, sugar, salt and coriander seeds for 24 hours. This dish is cooked a-la-minute with garlic and birds’ eye chillies, and finished with parsley.


Lemongrass Panna Cotta

Lemongrass Pannacotta,  Lemongrass-infused Panna Cotta served with ginger ice cream, Granny Smith apple and lemon meringue

The panna cotta is made with both white and palm sugar, and gently infused with fresh
lemongrass. The housemade ginger ice-cream is cream- and milk-based, and infused with fresh ginger. The lemon meringue uses the Swiss method of meringue making, while the green apples are served brunoise-style (finely diced).




Jalapeno Ice Cream A sweet and savoury dessert of Jalapeño cream cheese ice cream, charred Sarawak pineapple, dehydrated bacon financier and micro coriander

This dish is inspired by rojak, a dish with both sweet and savoury flavours.
The Jalapeño ice cream is made iwth cream, sugar, cream cheese and yoghurt, jalapeños, lime juice and salt. Sarawak pineapple is cut into thick round slices and seared in a hot pan till caramelised before it is sous vide at 70 degrees Celsius for 25 minutes. Once cooled, the pineapple slices are diced and chilled. The bacon financiers are made with bacon-infused butter, all-purpose flour and almond flour, sugar and egg whites. The bacon used to infuse the butter is chopped and added in as well as coriander. It’s then baked in an pizza oven at 200 degrees Celsius for 20 minutes, pinched into pieces and dehydrated.




Botanico wine cellar.jpg

Botanico presents a deepened and extended programme of 30 premium wine labels — all rated 90 points and above by Wine Spectator — available by glass and carafe through the Coravin system, and even more by bottle. The experience is akin to an enjoyable cross between a cellar door and a wine bar. If they so choose, guests may browse through the collection to create their own personalised oenological adventure.



A modification of Botanico Exclusive cocktails, resulting in a semi-solid concoction that redefines how a beverage should be savoured.




The cocktail repertoire also sees creative development, with stalwart classics sitting alongside new experiences that allow guests to discover the stories behind the bar. For instance, edible cocktail jellies highlight the move towards the integration of a range of diverse mixological techniques and bring a whole different mouthfeel and message.


House-made garnish, dehydrated berries and pineapple

There’s even a chance to step behind the bar, so to speak, with the cocktail carafes. Guests can personalise their drink from scratch, choosing their base and mixer which are then served to them with a mix of house-made garnish. This friendly interaction with the mixologist gives sneak insights into the creative process, while the garnishes are a subtle reminder of Botanico’s European approach with Asian inflections (consider the gently dehydrated berries and lychee).



With the infusion of new creative energy bringing transformation to Botanico, diners can look forward to seductive new adventures. Heritage, be it European or Asian, fine ingredients, and bold innovation are the bedrock of great cuisine. With Singaporean Head Chef Sujatha Asokan at the helm, Botanico are well placed to soar.



6 pm to 11.30 pm (Last order for food is at 9.30pm)

11.00 am to 3 pm
6 pm to 11.30 pm (Last order for food is at 9.30pm)

t: +65 9831 1106

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