World’s First UV-C LED Water Purifying Straw, LUMISTRAW

Lumistraw (Full Shot)

Champs Industrial, A Singapore manufacturer of water treatment, sterilization and filtration solutions, just launched the world’s 1st UV-C LED water purifying straw – LUMISTRAW. This innovative and revolutionary new product incorporates the use of the advanced UV-C LED technology and novel flow cell design to create a disinfection system that is highly effective, efficient and reliable with just a sip. LUMISTRAW is also the most efficient way of ensuring clean water for drinking on-the-go.

After using the LUMISTRAW, we found that it is a convenient and sustainable solution that makes it easy for anyone to have better quality drinking water wherever they go. LUMISTRAW’s compact size and elegant design offers consumers a simple way to access cleaner and fresher water, without compromising on reliability, durability or safety. As compared to other filtration systems, that are usually bulky or require frequent filter changes, LUMISTRAW now allows you to have purified water on-demand. There is no longer a need for single use bottled waters and plastic straw.

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Instant Purification, With Just A Sip

LUMISTRAW uses patent pending Lumiflo technology to disinfect and filter water as you drink. Powered by UV-C LED, its unique flow cell design ensures every drop of water is thoroughly and efficiently purified, eradicating 99.99%* bacteria and viruses. Keeping you safe and hydrated anytime, anywhere, LUMISTRAW brings confidence and control to the user, serving as a portable water purification device that instantly purifies water on-demand, without the wait. Simply fill the bottle up with water, kick start the purifying process with the push of a button and then drink.

Each LUMISTRAW comes with a straw, bottle, a micro-USB charging cable, and is ultra-portable with anti-spill and anti-leak technology.

Lumistraw (Close up Shot 2)

Conceptualised, developed and assembled in Singapore, LUMISTRAW’s novel flow cell is made of food safe PTFE (Teflon) for its excellent material and self-cleaning properties. The straw tip is also made of food grade soft silicone material for a more comfortable user experience.

LUMISTRAW is designed for consuming liquids below 40°C and this handy device is also removable and can be placed in a mug, glass, or other bottles to purify water. LUMISTRAW is not constrained by a vessel, but the Tritan bottle included can hold 500ml of water. Furthermore, LUMISTRAW does not require any filter replacement and its advanced high powered UVC LED is effective for over 100,000 on/off cycles, lasting for more than 10,000 hours of usage. LUMISTRAW is conveniently rechargeable via micro-USB and takes about 90 minutes for a full charge, which can last up to 2 weeks depending on usage. Each LUMISTRAW comes with a straw, bottle, micro-USB charging cable, making it ultra-portable.

Lumistraw (Close up Shot 1)

Key Features

Silicone Mouthpiece: Comfortable for sipping and gentle on teeth (mouthpiece cap included)
Splash Proof charging Port: Fitted with a rechargeable lithium polymer battery which is highly durable and safe due to its robust construction. The battery is also secured in an ultrasonic welded plastic housing, ensuring the user is completely protected.
Self-Cleaning PTFE Flow Cell: 100% PTFE flow cell ensures every drop of water is efficiently and thoroughly purified.
BPA & BPS Free Tritan Bottle: Highly durable, reusable and food safe, Tritan material is also used in many leading baby bottles.
Activation Button: Drink instantly purified water on-the-go.
High Powered UV-C LED: LUMISTRAW’s advanced UV-C LED system is effective, safe and long-lasting.
Destroys Germs: UV radiation eradicates 99.99%* of harmful micro-organisms.
Healthy Hydration: Chemical-free and filter-less technology to reduce chlorine content for better tasting water.

Launch Promotion

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LUMISTRAW carries a one-year warranty and retails at S$119, complete with a straw, bottle, and a micro-USB charging cable. To celebrate the launch, enjoy an introductory promotion of 20% off, which includes a gift with purchase worth S$27.90.

LUMISTRAW is available for purchase on LazMall from 14 November 2021 onwards, and on Shopee from 15 November 2021 onwards.

There will also be a LazLive livestream segment on the Lazmall Launch Day 14 Nov at 9pm, log on to find out more about Lumistraw & other innovative offerings from Champs Industrial.

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