Brand New Chinese Restaurant BLOSSOM, a Banquet of Lavish Flavours Blooms at Marina Bay Sands


BLOSSOM,  the  188-seat contemporary Chinese restaurant takes centre-stage in the bustle of Marina Bay Sands hotel lobby.  A celebration of flavours from  imperial Beijing, Shanghai, Sichuan and Canton, the restaurant showcases culinary traditions   of  ancient  and  modern   China.  From  the  fiery  Szechuan selection to  the  classic weekend  dim sum treat – BLOSSOM’s  menu exudes elegance that is perfect for hosting a lavish banquet or to enjoy a quiet meal.



An Elegant Interior – Embark on a Culinary Journey in Style

BLOSSOM’s elegant interiors are a refined juxtaposition of everyday oriental objects. Accentuated with contrasting materials, to reflect subtle luxury and depth, each design element has been curated to perfection.



With lush greenery as its backdrop, the restaurant’s design takes advantage of the natural light that floods the dining room throughout the day. The inviting dining area, three private rooms and a sleek bar makes it the perfect venue to celebrate and host, no matter what the occasion.


Lavish setting and Specially imported Cutlery Sets.


Invited  to impart over 30 years of  experience,  creativity and wisdom, Cantonese stalwart Chef Fok Kai Yee takes on the role of Culinary Master at BLOSSOM. Acquiring outstanding skills and deep knowledge in both Hong Kong and Singapore, Chef Fok is a champion of Cantonese cuisine. Under his guidance, time-honoured recipes transform into insatiable flavours.

Chef Fok Kai Yee (Culinary Master)_1

 Culinary Master Chef Fok Kai Yee



He is partnering with Executive Chef Jason Lau. The 34-year-old award winning Chef, originally from Hong Kong, has been given the task of   balancing   the  fine   line   of   preserving   traditional  flavours  and introducing innovative and contemporary techniques.

Chef Jason Lau (Executive Chef)_1.jpg

Executive Chef Jason Lau



With such distinct styles and approach to Chinese cuisine, the two Chefs will  manage a delicate balance of traditional dishes reinterpreted and one that transcends generations.


Special Tasting Menu

BLOSSOM_ Tasting Menu _16Oct




BLOSSOM Combination Platter


Golden Pear Stuffed with Minced Pork $5.80/4pcs

The skin is crispy with the minced pork moist and juicy inside. Even after deep fried the dim sum retained its special pear shape.

BLOSSOM Signature Steamed Prawn Dumplings $7.80/4pcs


This signature steamed prawn dumplings is a must have here, soft and delicate skin holding the fresh prawn inside.

Steamed ‘Siew Mai’ with Quail Egg $7.80/4pcs

This is definitely one unique dim sum because the highlight is not only the freshly prepared siew mai but also the quail egg with silky egg whites and custard-like yolk. Such a great combination.


Delicate quail egg Shui Mai and the crispy swan-filled cod puffs in velvety cream sauce are among just a few of the savoury dumpling  selection at BLOSSOM. The dedicated dim sum menu available from  lunch up  to high-tea, is presented elegantly and each tasty steamed morsel a meticulous work of art. From BLOSSOM’s signature prawn dumplings to the succulent Xiao Long Bao and the decadent red rice roll wrapped with crispy rice and scallops – each of up to 15 steaming hot creation is an ode to authentic recipes and delicious new flavours.



Panfried Japanese Scallops and Edamame Beancurd with Foie Gras $16.80/Person

The pan-fried scallops is crispy on the outside but succulent on the inside, paired that with soft beancurd and foie gras sauce, and you get a dish that is perfectly balanced in tastes and texture.


Smoked Chicken with 15-year Pu-Er Tea Leaves and Chrysanthemum-2Smoked Chicken with 15-year Pu-Er Tea Leaves and Chrysanthemum

Royal Secret Recipe Smoked Duck $40/Half, $80/Whole

Using precise temperature controlled smoker, the organic chicken is presented to  diners with  a  golden  crisp  skin and  tender  meat.  The  delicious marinate of herbs, spices, the naturally  fermented aged Pu-Er and the fragrant Chrysanthemum tea permeate each morsel of the chicken. The undoubtedly delectable perfumed smokey flavours, the nourishing elements from the tea and the secret blend of herbs brings this dish together beautifully.



Crispy Rice and Lobster in Lobster soup $24/Person

This beautiful seafood food recipe is a dish of big flavours. The soup is a wonderful concoction of rich flavours drawn out from the lobster shells and herbs. This dish can be served with silky fish noodle or crispy rice. This is a must try when you come to Blossom, do come early as the soup is freshly prepared everyday and often sold out quite early.

Poached Fish Noodles and Lobster in Lobster soup.jpg


Dessert of Choice


Almond Cream with Snow Swallow $15



We highly recommend BLOSSOM for its interior design, décor, innovative menu and flawless service.



Visit for more information.


Restaurant Opening Hours

Mon to Fri       : 11:30am to 11:00pm, Last order: 10:30pm

Sat, Sun, PH    : 11:00am to 11:00pm, Last order: 10:30pm

Contact Details

Address: Marina Bay Sands Hotel Lobby Tower 2, 2 Bayfront Avenue, Singapore 018972



Contact              : +65 6688 7799

Website             :


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