ONLY Group introduces AFTERGLOW, The ultimate anti-bacterial mist that gets rid of Maskne


ONLY Group introduces AFTERGLOW, The ultimate anti-bacterial mist that gets rid of Maskne

What is Maskne?
Maskne occurs when sweat, skin oils and bacteria are trapped on the skin while wearing a face mask. Face masks can cause irritation by either physically rubbing against the skin, which damages the skin’s protective barrier, or by trapping moisture, which can cause acne. With the constant wearing of face masks due to the pandemic, Maskne has become a real concern for many.

What is Afterglow?

If you are tired of battling Maskne constantly, then Afterglow is for you! Made from 100% natural plant-based ingredients, this extremely effective facial mist is odourless, light, and fresh, with anti-bacterial components to keep Maskne at bay.

Afterglow benefits
In addition to getting rid of Maskne, Afterglow also helps to hydrate and soothe skin, as well as reduce inflammation, with its unique 100% plant extracts.Furthermore, the ingredients that make up Afterglow provide other benefits such as:

1. Cedar, Prevents bacterial growth

2. Cherry Blossoms, Rich antioxidant levels with soothing properties

3. Green Tea, Contains antioxidant, anti-inflammiatory and anti-microbial properties

4. Mandarin, Neutralises toxic effects of free radicals

5. Maple, Boosts antibiotic strength

6. Pine, Kills germs and provide antiseptic and antimicrobial properties

7. Soya Beans, Contains antioxidants that flushes out free radicals from body

8. White Birch, Helps kill germs, bacterial and fungal infections

9. Wheat. Acts as a natural anti-ageing agent with its Vitamin E and Zinc components

Afterglow is safe and gentle; can be consumed so you dont have to worry when you wear your mask.

How to use Afterglow?

AfterGlow adds a double shield barrier between your mask and face; simply hold Afterglow at arm’s length away from face and spray an even layer. Spray Afterglow on face mask before and after wearing it. This helps to keep bacteria and germs from settling in and causing Maskne as a result.

Price and Availability
Afterglow is priced at SGD 42 (excluding GST and delivery charges) and is available at all ONLY Group outlets and online at:

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