Minerva Passion Mid-Autumn Festival Mooncakes | Minerva Passion x Nouri


Where to buy mooncakes in Singapore 2021

Minerva Passion Mid-Autumn Festival Mooncakes, they have come together with Chef Ivan Brehm of the one Michelin-starred restaurant, Nouri to make a difference. They aim to make the tastiest mooncakes in town with all-natural ingredients. Using the mix of ingredients not commonly used in mooncakes, Chef Ivan Brehm created a set of mooncakes conforming to traditions, yet fuelled with new twists to create a new taste and design. The boxes are plastic free, using only sustainable and compostable materials. The casual-chic outlook is specially made to match the Chef’s Brehm eclectic mix of flavours.

Collaboration between Chef Ivan Brehm from @restaurantnouri, one Michelin-starred restaurant with @minervapassion, present four distinctly different flavours mooncake with all natural ingredients.

Four distinctly different flavours. Baked to a glorious golden brown and perfected with Chef Ivan’s innovative ideas

“A Little Eggsighted” with the smooth texture of premium white lotus paste coupled with a golden egg yolk. This mooncake is an all-time favourite that oozes wholesome goodness.

For the nut lovers “Are you Nuts?”, brings an earthy orchestra of almonds, walnuts, white sesame, sunflower seeds, melon seeds and pine nuts.

Drawing inspirations from this collaboration, Chef @ivanbrehm handcrafted a special recipe reminiscent to one’s ambitious and “anything is a possible” mindset; “The Moonshot”. The filling of fragrant black sesame paste is blended with Bronte pistachios and citrusy flavours of candied orange zest. A translucent kumquat sphere, resembling the full moon, enveloped in a charcoal baked skin.

Lastly, he found “Love is Everywhere”, packed with aromatic almond lotus paste. Each bite is punctuated with generous bits of Chinese almonds, salted sakura cherry blossoms, peach and apricot slices. A bold offering that’s destined to be a fan favourite.

$88 nett (box of 4). contact 92339160 / 98436577 or fill in Form at @minervapassion.

Walk in are available at restaurant Nouri. 72 Amoy Street. Online are available at Appetite on https://shop.appetitesg.com/

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