CHEF MANUEL EFFENDI | Executive Chef at ARTOTEL Beach Club Sanur Bali

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Born and raised in Antwerp, Belgium from Indonesian heritage, Chef Manuel Effendi was surrounded by cooking from an early age and developed a hard working and diligent attitude that has carried through to his work today.

Chef Manuel developed his skills in a classic French kitchen environment before heeding the siren call of his Indonesian ancestry and moving to Bali, where his talents caught the attention of culinary guru Will Meyrick, who offered him the position of sous chef at the iconic Mama San Restaurant. Since coming on board as the Executive Chef at ARTOTEL Beach Club Sanur, Manuel is dedicated to respecting his Indonesian culinary background and utilizing his European gastronomic fundaments to create menus that stay true to their origin and honour their fresh local ingredient base, whilst also staying current in what has become a global culinary hotspot.


Interview with Chef Manuel Effendi

Q.How did you start your career as Chef ?

I first came in contact with the heat of the kitchen at young age in Jakarta where my family heritance included a local food stalls, Ikan Bakar Babe H Lili to be exact, that’s when I got fascinated with the energy of the kitchen.

When I got older I got rebellious, skipped football practice and my dad wanted me to go and look for my own income, so I ended up in a French Brasserie in Belgium. After doing the dishes for a week, my chef back then saw potential in my work and decided to put me at the cold section and I picked up my interest for kitchen. Since then I pushed myself and got mentored by the best till the position I am at the moment.


Q.How did you find your way to ASIA , to Bali ? What were you doing before coming to Bali?

I came back to Bali initially to take a break from Antwerp City and met my partner Emilia. We picked up what we ended with 7 years ago in Jakarta and she introduced me to Will Meryick, got the honor to work for him and his team, which opened my taste pallet and knowledge, that was my ticket to get out of Belgium to find another culinary journey.

 Q.How did your previous experience influenced your cooking now ? 

I could say my whole career has influenced my cooking I’ve worked in and with a lot of talented chefs with Michelin backgrounds, worked in high pace Brasseries so I got influenced by both sides, working for Mamasan helped me a lot as well by understanding the local and south east Asian cuisine too.


Q.What do you want to achieve while being the Chef at ABC ?

Educate & Mentor my team to be better, more confident chefs and maintain the consistency of our products. The kitchen would be one of it, lots of things I want to achieve as a team but lets learn how to walk before we run.

Q.What are your plans in the future ?

Keep focusing on our target, we are still new in the scene so I would say that previous question is kind of related.

Q.For someone new to ABC , what dishes / drinks would you recommend for him/her 

I would recommend to take some of every grazer, some of every cuisine, familiar and comfort, It could be a nice cocktail or juice and enjoy the day with your family at our beachclub.


A dedicated family man, Chef Manuel believes that food is an international language and creating a comforting and positive experience every time he or his team cook for a guest is at the heart of success. The key is consistency and freshness and through ARTOTEL Beach Club’s Tropical Comfort Cuisines, Chef Manuel’s talented culinary team is making waves. The menus take full advantage of the fresh produce, exotic fruits, vegetables and herbs available abundantly in Bali and its neighboring islands, ready to tantalize the taste buds of every guest with a variety of dishes from all over the world.



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