Peace Boat, A Cruise That Is An Experience of A Life Time

peace boat

Come 2022, the largest vessel in all 38 years of Peace Boat history, the Pacific World; will be setting sail across the high seas and calling at Singapore! This cruise will also be the first one to set sail since the COVID-19 pandemic. Over 230 passengers from Singapore have been onboard a Peace Boat voyage in the past, and now, you are invited to a life-changing journey around the world. Visit places you have only dreamed of. Experience new cultures and traditions. Discover new things like never before. Learn a new language. Discover your creative side. Become one of the locals and enjoy. Make friendships and memories that last a lifetime. Go home totally transformed in each of these powerfully engaging 100 days cruises!
Weighing more than 77,000 tonnes and with a passenger capacity of more than 2000, this luxury cruise ship will take travellers on an unforgettable journey around the world. On average, Peace Boat visits 25 ports of call in a single voyage, allowing one to experience the charms and attractions of many cities/countries. In just one voyage, travellers can get to visit various World Heritage sites from ancient Greek temples to the remains of mankind’s greatest civilizations, and also see some of the splendours of the natural world.

Enjoy and experience the remains of mankind’s greatest civilizations and the planet’s spectacular natural heritage. There is a large enough variety of World Heritage sites available to explore on any given voyage to satisfy even the most discerning travellers’ curiosity.

One more thing that makes a voyage with Peace Boat truly unforgettable is the offering of a wide variety of tours with local community organizations and students. Peace Boat works with its local partners to offer unique cultural experiences not available anywhere else.
Travellers get a chance to experience local culture, from sharing a meal with indigenous tribe members in Central America, dancing salsa with locals on the streets of Havana, to meeting youths in the Middle East who are interested to learn more about Asia. You will have the opportunity to learn about social issues and do your part for communities in need, allowing you to see reality firsthand and have the opportunity to touch and impact lives. And this is what makes a Peace Boat voyage so incredibly memorable and life-changing!

In between ports of call, travellers can also expect to be well-entertained by the plethora of onboard activities available on the ship. Maintain an active healthy lifestyle through a galore of wellness activities onboard like yoga, pilates, dance, and Tai Chi. Or simply kick back, relax and watch the oceans go by, enjoying the magnificence of the open seas. For those who wish to pick up new knowledge and hobbies while sailing, they can look forward to the wide range of guest educators from various realms – such as professors, musicians, peace activists, journalists, etc. – who will be invited to join the voyage. These guest educators, or “navigators” as we call them, hold concerts and lectures onboard, allowing travellers to learn more about the countries they will visit and different social issues. More than just broadening their view of what different corners of the world looks like, travellers will get a chance to broaden their minds to different ways of thinking and ideas!
As one embarks on a journey around the world, it is so important to note that Peace Boat has one of the most spacious and relaxing environments while on the seas. Peace Boat’s Pacific World, with its cosy contemporary design and grandeur, complemented with warm tone colors to provide a cosy atmosphere, allows travellers to savour every moment onboard.

Boasting a high-quality Japanese standard of service and hospitality, travellers can expect to be pampered with in-room breakfast and specially upgraded course menus in the main restaurant on special events. For the health and beauty conscious, a luxurious spa is available for travellers to pamper themselves with a soothing massage or simply enjoy other cosmetic facial treatments.

Peace Boat’s Pacific World offers a large number of sea-view rooms, and over 70% of the rooms are furnished with an open balcony, allowing travellers to enjoy the sea breeze from the comforts of their own cabin. From lavish suites to practical and reasonably priced cabins, Pacific World provides high-quality spaces for guests to travel in comfort and style always.
With a variety of carefully curated itineraries around the world, a voyage with Peace Boat will most certainly be the greatest journey you can ever undertake – the journey of self-discovery.
Peace Boat’s Pacific World will call at Singapore on 24th December 2022 and there are already over 200 bookings in Singapore for the 2023 around-the-world cruise.

Peace Boat Cruise packages are typically more than a 100 days cruise trip and prices of packages start from S$20,400 onwards (price valid until the 30th June, 2022).

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