2020 Hong Kong MX Mooncakes Lava Custard Mooncakes

Premiered by Hong Kong MX Mooncakes, Lava Custard Mooncake utilizes the unique ‘double-bake’ technique to produce one of a kind texture and flavour experience. An instant hit last year, they are adding the ‘Lava Cheese Mooncake’ along with the ‘Lava Duet Mooncake’ and ‘Lava Quartet Mooncake’ sets to the family. The Lava Quartet gift set includes the best of the lava flavours like the signature Lava Custard, Lava Caramel Macchiato, Lava Chocolate and the brand-new Lava Cheese and will surely leave some great memories during this special time of the year.

Dialing Up the Mid-Autumn Touch – New Lava Mooncake Series Packaging

The Hong Kong MX ‘Lava Custard Mooncake’ utilizes the unique ‘double-bake’ technique which folds pre-baked crushed golden egg yolk-laced creamy custard paste into layers of milky crust for a perfect fusion of aromas and textures. Therefore, customers can get a decadent molten experience without heating the mooncake. The ‘Creamy Custard Mooncake’ also utilizes the same technique, giving customers a mooncake with a creamy custard filling and an aromatic crust. Last but not least, ‘Lava Egg Yolk with White Lotus Seed Paste Mooncake’ re-interpreted the signature White Lotus Seed Paste Mooncake with Egg Yolk using the molten treatment, presenting a homage to a classic festive treat.

Lava Cheese Mooncake – Smoother, Richer, Better

During Mid-Autumn Festival, Lava mooncakes have become the public’s new favourite over the recent years, and Hong Kong MX Mooncakes is introducing the brandnew ‘Lava Cheese Mooncake’ to the Lava Series. Using Gouda Cheese from Northern Europe that remains one of the oldest recorded cheeses in the world and is made from a recipe dating 800 years ago. You will experience its rich texture as well as its lingering aroma of cheese, with the crunchy crust, in every bite. Cheese lovers should get your hands on a box right away!

Duo Flavours, Double the Complexity, Elevated Enjoyment

Hong Kong MX Mooncakes presents two new gift boxes coming with six mooncakes each in two mouth-watering flavours on top of the classic eight-piece set. The popular ‘Lava Chocolate Mooncake’ returns once more, paired with our signature ‘Lava Custard Mooncake’ to form the brand-new ‘Lava Duet Mooncake’. Try both flavours together and surprise your taste buds. The ‘Custard Twins Mooncake’ is also back for those who prefer the Custard Mooncake Series, and it comes with both the classic and the lava variety, making sure you will be satisfied with the lingering aftertaste it offers in each bite. Inspired by the auspicious rabbit, the new packaging is sleek and modern while retaining the vibrant colours that signify the festive celebration.

Brand-New ‘Lava Quartet Mooncake’ – The Legacy Continues, A Four-Flavour Combination The newly-launched ‘Lava Quartet Mooncake’ lets you taste the Classic Lava Custard Mooncake, along with the fragrant Lava Chocolate Mooncake and the aromatic Lava Caramel Macchiato Mooncake, and topped off with the new Lava Cheese Mooncake – a decadent treat with the smooth mouthfeel and just the right hint of savouriness made with Hong Kong MX Mooncakes’ unique Lava recipe. With four flavours in total, each comes with two pieces. The ‘Delightful Moon Assorted Mooncake’ also returns with a graceful and elegant packaging design. In this gift box, you can find both traditional and lava mooncakes that provide everyone with something they will love this MidAutumn Festival.

Tips for Elevating the Delectable Enjoyment A few seconds could make a huge difference when savouring Lava Mooncakes. Just heat the mooncake in a microwave oven (1000w) for 3 to 5 seconds and cut it open to have the aromatic halfmelted golden custard filling flowing gently from the core. Looking for a more velvety and richer flavour for Creamy Custard Mooncakes? Heat them in a microwave oven (1000w) for 5 to 8 seconds and have a try of the mooncake’s even stronger taste of custard and crispier crust. To preserve the Lava and Custard Mooncake, store them in a fridge, place them at room temperature for 10 minutes or remove wrapping bags and heat with microwave oven (1000w) for 12 to 15 seconds to get the same desired effect.

The Award-Winning Mooncake Company

Hong Kong MX Mooncakes has produced numerous high quality delicacies that earned the brand countless international recognitions, certifying its achievements in the catering industry. Since 2005, Hong Kong MX Mooncakes has been repeatedly awarded the Belgian Monde Selection Quality Award — an honour that rivals Michelin, with the ‘Lava Custard Mooncake’ and ‘Creamy Custard Mooncake’ striking the Gold Medal again this year in the Food Products category. Hong Kong MX Mooncakes’ Lava Custard and Custard mooncakes are produced and packaged every mooncake in self-owned facilities in Hong Kong to guarantee its high quality and reputation in the catering industry. This effort helped the brand drive the best sales, and crowned the no. 1 seller of custard mooncakes for five years in a row*

*According to the Nielsen Research Report 2015-2019, Hong Kong

Frosts Food and Beverage is the appointed exclusive distributor for HKMX (Hong Kong Mei-Xin) products since 2006.

More details on how to buy the mooncakes, https://www.hkmxproducts.sg/

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