Cherry Garden at Mandarin Oriental, Singapore unveils a collection of tea-infused mooncake treasures alongside its crowd favourites to celebrate a joyous Mid-Autumn festival this year.

Mooncake_Traditional Baked Mooncakes

Savour the classic pairing of tea and mooncake with the traditional baked Lugu Oolong Tea with Melon Seeds, an indulgent new creation that combines silver lotus paste with the strong fragrant notes of the fermented black tea, and further complemented with the crunchy texture of the melon seeds. Green tea lovers can look forward to delight in the newly introduced Matcha Red Bean, a lighter rendition of traditional baked mooncake as the earthy green tea flavour impeccably balanced out the sweetness from the red bean paste.

Mooncake_Snow Skin Collection

Taking centre stage in this year’s debut range of snow skin mooncake series will be the Oolong Tea Infusion with Dried Apricot and Pumpkin Seeds, an aromatic Oolong tea-based snow skin gem with sweet and fruity notes. Another new delicacy not to be missed is the refreshing and citrusy Exotic Passion Fruit with Candied Pineapple and Mango Mochi. The smooth silver lotus paste encases candied pineapple chunks which are sweetened for eight hours and dried for two days. Made from mango and passion fruit juices, the mochi in the centre further enhances the tangy notes of this distinctive fruit-based mooncake creation.
Back by popular demand, perennial favourites include the Low Sugar Silver Lotus Paste with Double or Single Yolk, a perfect choice for a healthier indulgence, and the most coveted snow skin delight, the Lychee Martini and Chocolate Truffle.

Ideal for gifting, these exquisite mooncake creations are housed in an elegant box adorned with oriental floral motifs and are available in box of either two or four pieces for the traditional baked mooncakes or box of eight pieces for the snow skin selections.

Kindly refer to the attached brochure for more information.

Please call 6885 3500 or e-mail for orders or enquiries. Online order is available at

Where to buy mooncakes in Singapore 2021

Mandarin Oriental, Singapore_Mid-Autumn Festival E-Brochure 2020

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