Unlock creativity with the HUAWEI P40 Pro+ and photography apps on AppGallery

Unlock creativity with the HUAWEI P40 Pro+ and photography apps on AppGallery


With smartphones like the HUAWEI P40 Pro+, crisp and clear images and high-quality videos are always possible. Its revolutionary Ultra Vision Leica Penta Camera system offers multiple capabilities and shooting modes to make sure you’ll capture what you’re looking for. Without having to worry about how your images will turn out, it’s easier for you to get creative with your shots in post-editing mode.


Check out some apps available on the Huawei AppGallery to unlock your creative side, or discover more for yourself with the new Petal Search widget! Available to download from the AppGallery, Petal Search links you up to apps from and outside of AppGallery across the internet, to make sure you can always find the apps you love.

Add that element of fun to your snapshots

With apps such as Meitu and Picsart, you can plaster on bright effects or ready-made stickers and templates to add a quirky touch. Let your creativity juices flow with the endless opportunities to decorate and spruce up your photos after snapping them. Use the HUAWEI P40 Pro+ to take sharp selfies, wide panoramas or lit night shots, and apply your own twist on your favourite pictures to make them extra special.

Create your video masterpieces with ease

The HUAWEI P40 Pro+ also offers multiple videography options with its 40 MP Ultra Wide Cine Camera such as slow-motion, timelapse and even lets you shoot in ultra low-light conditions. Coupled with the 100x digital SuperZoom array, you’ll be spoilt for choice in the type of shots you can capture. Edit your videos directly on the phone itself, or you can make use of apps such as Filmorago and Viva Video that offer built-in themes and other editing features to enhance your masterpiece. Use them separately or even together to get your favourite filters, overlays, stickers and more to personalise your videos and let your creativity run wild.


Share your works of art for the world to see


After creating all your amazing pieces, why not share them to inspire others? Apps like Canva give you the creative freedom, as well as the inspiration. With loads of pre-designed templates, backgrounds and layouts available, there’s no limit to what you can capture and create on Canva. One bonus about this app is that you can customise everything, for endless creative freedom in making photos and videos to share on your social media handles.


Indeed, there’re no boundaries to your creativity with the HUAWEI P40 Pro+ paired with the power of apps like these. Available for download from the Huawei AppGallery, these apps and more let you quickly add a touch of pizzazz to your photos and videos. With the new Petal Search widget, it’s even easier to find these apps and discover more of what you love, by being your gateway to a million apps.


Find out more on how to access Petal Search here: https://bit.ly/2VOSwU9

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Photo: Petal Search

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