Brand New Restaurant 49Seats at The Centrepoint Orchard

With a restaurant name 49Seats, it is common to assume that they only have 49 seats.  Well, they did started off with exactly 49 seating at the first outlet in Chinatown and expanded to two franchises in Orchard and Bugis. After a restructuring excerise in 2017, the 49Seats restaurant turned its previous three outlets into one which is now located at The Centrepoint. So the new restaurant has more than 49 seats.


The walls of this casual dining place are decorated with recycled materials coated with a silver, metallic paint, giving it a cool, quirky industrial vibe.


Food wise, the menu is largely unchanged, focusing on Western food like pastas and chicken chop, as main courses.


Great starters like Cheese Fries, generous serving of fries with cheese and sour cream. Great for sharing with a group of friends.


Salted egg yoke popcorn chicken . Another popular starter, spicy salted egg yoke sauce that makes you come back for more.



Creamy Smoked Duck Pasta

The smoked duck is tender and flavourful, and the cream sauce of right intensity. A hearty portion that would satisfy any cream pasta lover.


Old Fashioned Fish and Chips with Tom Yam Sauce

49 Seats prides itself for its Western-tom yum fusion dishes. The Old Fashioned Fish and Chips with Tom Yum Sauce is one of them, which consisted of a huge slab of fish and chips, fries, salad, and a small bowl of tom yum sauce.

The fish was fried nicely, tender and moist. And true enough, their tom yum sauce didn’t disappoint. It had that spicy kick so similar to the authentic one, and it paired very well with the fish and chips.


Cheesy Chicken Chop with fries

Generous serving of chicken with lots of cheese toppings.


Salted egg yoke and Tom Yam Seafood Pasta, special not on menu yet.

This is a must try, best of both world, Salted Egg Yoke and Tom Yam. You could even ask for more spicy sauce if you prefer. Up to level 49 of spiciness , they told us.

Another good thing about 49 Seats, they don’t charge GST or service charge. Now that it has expanded, it can accommodate larger groups of diners, hence is a perfect place for gatherings with friends and family.


49 Seats

Address: The Centrepoint, 176 Orchard Road, #01-49, Singapore 238843

Telephone: +65 62254332

Opening Hours: Monday to Sunday 11:30am to 11pm



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