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The Toyota Corolla Altis, known all over the world as a benchmark for a quality-made, reliable and durable vehicle since it first entered the global marketplace in 1966, has undergone a radical transformation. Sporting a revamped exterior, enhanced performance and Toyota Safety Sense , the transformation of the Toyota Corolla Altis is largely in response to changing times, and the subsequent evolution in what customers need and expect from their vehicles.

“The Toyota Corolla Altis has always been a customer favourite here in Singapore simply because the car is so reliable, refined and comfortable to drive”, says Jasmmine Wong, Chief Executive Officer & Managing Director of Inchcape Greater China & Singapore. “It retains its fundamental values of user friendliness and value for money, all while staying true to delivering quality, durability and reliability that customers have come to expect from Toyota. The new 12th generation is a hallmark of Toyota’s commitment to making Ever Better Cars and sets a new standard for the future of automotive.”


Dynamic Styling both Inside and Out Exterior Design Sporting a tapered body, character lines that flow from the front to the rear and precisely designed exterior features, the revamped exterior of the 12th generation Toyota Corolla Altis has a fun, aerodynamic profile that conveys maturity, prestige and class.

The vehicle’s front and rear bumper corners are carefully sculpted to convey the presence of a strong central core gently framed by an elegant, horizontal emphasis through subtle character lines. Viewed from directly head-on, the all-new Toyota Corolla Altis appears wide, with a dignified presence through the implementation of a trapezoidal grill framed by horizontal character lines. This design language is echoed when viewed from the rear.

Newly Developed Exterior Colo urs The 12th generation Toyota Corolla Altis comes in a variety of six colours to choose from, including the new, attractive and highly iridescent Celestite Grey Metallic.


Interior Features Simple. Warm. Inviting. Sensuous. Throughout the decades, the Toyota Corolla Altis has always known to be modern, comfortable and stylish, and the interiors of the 12th generation iteration is no exception. Sensuous Minimalism marinates the entire capacious space. From its supportive seats, front passengers are faced with a neat instrument panel that lends an open, harmonious feeling thanks to its thinner upper surface, along with a wider centre console dividing passengers.

The contrast between areas of emptiness and dense clusters of functional equipment is aimed at creating a high-quality cabin appearance. One example of this intuitive clustering can be found at the centre of the instrument panel. In addition to being wider, the centre console is also longer to accommodate a larger variety of passenger physiques and comfort preferences. Drivers and front passengers alike can also enjoy a high-resolution multimedia touchscreen, which conveniently provides access to vehicle settings, audio controls, navigation and smartphones.

Interior Design In line with projecting a classy look and feel, high-gloss materials are paired with matte elements – silver accents with Piano Black and available contrasting stitching – to best accentuate a premium look and feel. In addition, the elimination of unnecessary lettering on switchgear combined with the unification of all materials’ and elements’ shape, colour, grain, and gloss maximize continuity and aesthetic cleanliness. Attention was paid to tactility too. Drivers and passengers with keen eyes will appreciate the minimised gaps between buttons and switches, further driving home the elevated sophistication of the 12th generation Toyota Corolla Altis.




Impressive Handling and Uncompromising Performance

Designed on the Toyota New Global Architecture (TNGA)* platform on its three pillars of Agility, Stability and Visibility, this sedan sports impressive handling and uncompromising performance. Fitted with the newly developed rear double wishbone suspension, drivers can enjoy excellent agility and everyday comfort. Its high rigidity body structure also means more handling stability. Drivers can also expect more visibility thanks to the car’s narrow pillars. Like its predecessors, the 12th generation Toyota Corolla Altis does not compromise in the performance department. Equipped with in-line 4-cylinders, 16 valves with dual VVT-I, drivers can enjoy smoother acceleration and minimal noise, while achieving the perfect balance between fuel efficiency and power. The result of all these elements? Excellent performance for everyday driving.

Standard Variant (1.6L) With smart features like Vehicle Stability Control (VSC), an Anti-lock Braking System, a 4.2” MultiInformation Display, a nanoe™ auto-climate air-con system that cleans the air as it cools, and rear air conditioning, the standard model of the Toyota Corolla Altis family makes the perfect companion for an everyday drive. Equipped with in-line 4-cylinder engine, it delivers 129bhp and a top speed of 190km/h. Elegance Variant (1.6L) Similar to the 1.6L Standard variant, the 1.6L Elegance variant has added features such as a Power Driver Seat, a blind spot monitoring system, a 7” Multi-Information Display, and Auto Rain-sensing Wipers. Equipped with in-line 4-cylinder engine, it delivers 129bhp and a top speed of 190km/h.

Hybrid Variant (1.8L) The Hybrid variant of the Toyota Corolla Altis family, the Hybrid 1.8L Elegance variant is made for the driver who is looking for an everyday drive that combines form and function. It features smart, intuitive elements such as self-charging capabilities, low CO2 emissions output, greater fuel efficiency of 4.4L/100km, a convenient Heads Up Display, and offers a comfortable, silent ride in its all-electric mode. Powered seats and lumbar support for both the driver and passengers can also be found in the Hybrid 1.8L Elegance. Equipped with in-line 4-cylinder engine, it delivers 97bhp and a top speed of 190km/h. Drivers can also choose between an ECO mode to maximise fuel economy and an EV mode that runs solely on battery power to reduce carbon emissions.

A New Level of Safety is Standard: Toyota Safety Sense

Apart from a revamped exterior and superior everyday performance, the all-new Toyota Corolla Altis comes equipped with Toyota Safety Sense (Elegance and Hybrid variants only), a suite of integrated active and cutting-edge safety systems designed to support driver awareness, decision-making and vehicle operation to mitigate or prevent collisions.
Toyota Safety Sense is included on many new
Toyota vehicles. Safety features in Toyota Safety Sense include a Pre-Collision System with Pedestrian Detection, Lane Departure Warning with Steering Assist, Auto High-Beam, and Dynamic Cruise Control. These safety features utilise a millimetre-wave radar sensor and an in-vehicle camera to ensure the safety of the driver and passengers whenever the car is being driven.

Standard Variant (1.6L) • 7 SRS Airbags: Greater protection anywhere in the cabin with front, side, curtain and driver’s knee airbags • Vehicle Stability Control (VSC): Turning on a curve and side skids are less of a worry now thanks to VSC, which reduces engine power and automatically applies the brakes to all four wheels • Anti-lock Braking System (ABS): Working together with VSC, the ABS monitors the speed of each wheel, giving the driver greater control to prevent sudden skids on slippery surfaces • ISO-FIX Child Restraint System: Drivers can keep up to two child seats in the rear with international safety standard-compliant ISO-FIX mounting points • Brake Assist • Hill Start Assist Control (HAC)

Elegance (1.6L) and Hybrid (1.8L) Variants On top of the same safety features as the Standard variant, the Elegance and Hybrid variants come equipped with Toyota Safety Sense . • Blind Spot Monitoring System o When the driver attempts a lane change, the Blind Spot Monitoring System (BSM) detects vehicles present in the adjoining lane using a quasi-millimetre wave radar sensor for a real-time scan to determine if another vehicle may be in the driver’s blind spot, illuminating a flashing warning indicator light on the outside mirrors. o The warning indicator illuminates if there is a vehicle in the driver’s blind spots, or if a vehicle is approaching from the rear within the blind spots, or if there is a vehicle in the blind spots when the driver activates the turn signal.

• Pre-Collision System with Pedestrian Detection o The Pre-Collision System (PCS) employs both a millimetre wave radar sensor and a camera sensor for highly accurate detection of objects such as other vehicles or pedestrians in front of the vehicle. If the system determines that there is a probability for a collision, it will alert the driver so that they may perform avoidance manoeuvres. In addition, if the PCS makes a split-second determination that there is a high probability of a collision or if it deems a collision is unavoidable, the system will automatically activate the brakes to help avoid the collision or mitigate the impact force.


• Automatic High-Beam (AHB) o The automatic high beam driver support system is designed to help drivers see more of what’s ahead at night-time without dazzling other drivers. When enabled, AHB uses an in-vehicle camera to help detect the headlights of oncoming vehicles and taillights of preceding vehicles, then automatically switches between high and low beams as appropriate to provide the most light possible and enhance forward visibility. By using high beams more frequently, the system may allow earlier detection of pedestrians and obstacles.

• Lane Departure Warning (LDW) with Steering Assist o The Lane Departure Warning (LDW) system detects white or yellow-coloured painted lane markings while simultaneously determining the position of the vehicle within the lane using a camera sensor. The system then provides the driver with audible and visual warnings (vehicle positioning warning image shown in the Multi-Information Display) and, if necessary, provides steering assistance if it determines the possibility of deviation from the lane in which the vehicle is driving. o What’s more, if the system detects vehicle sway (excess weaving within the driving lane), the system will alert the driver with a visual warning in the Multi-Information Display (MID), alerting the driver to the possibility that they are suffering from a lack of concentration while driving due to factors such as distraction, inattention or drowsiness.

• Dynamic Cruise Control o The innovative Dynamic Cruise Control allows the convenience of setting a vehicle cruise speed across a wide range. In addition to maintaining a set cruise speed determined by the driver, the system also has a vehicle-to-vehicle distance control mode that utilizes a millimetre wave radar sensor, camera sensor, steering sensor and a yaw rate sensor to maintain a suitable distance from the preceding vehicle. o With the addition of the camera sensor to the system, it can detect the vehicle size of the preceding vehicle as well as line recognition painted onto the road. This helps to not only ensure enhanced system accuracy, but also aids with path detection, preceding vehicle recognition and the detection of a vehicle should it cut into the lane between the Toyota Corolla Altis and the preceding vehicle it was following. In heavy traffic, it maintains a pre-set following distance, slowing when it shortens and accelerating back to your original cruising speed when the road clears. This is an especially welcomed new safety feature.


Get up close to this new model at the Singapore Motorshow 2020

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