NEW Hitoyoshi Izakaya Outlet Opens In Jewel Changi Airport Serving Premium Sashimi And Meat.


Hitoyoshi Izakaya launches its new outlet serving premium sashimi and meat, perfect to go along with sake, highball and other liquors.

Hitoyoshi Izakaya is a new restaurant under the Hitoyoshi Group which already has 3 different branches namely, Ramen Hitoyoshi, Hitoyoshi Sushi, Hitoyoshi Yoshi Yakiniku, with their own specialties displaying variations and diversity under the Hitoyoshi Group. Hitoyoshi Izakaya specialises in kebabs, sashimi, sake, and other specialities that would guarantee diners a unique experience into authentic Japanese cuisine in Singapore.

They have introduced new lunch and dinner menus to suit different dining guests. Their specialties are their wide variety of highballs, sake and beer. These go very well with their grilled dishes, as well as fresh sashimi brought in daily.

Some of their dishes include:-

Dinner Menu:

Chanjya with Cream Cheese ($8)

Spicy Cod Innards served cool with Cream Cheese and Seaweed. The innards are slippery, strongly flavoured and delicious – just the thing for a drink.

Sakana no Hoshi Mori ($33)

Mixed Platter of Eihire, Tatami Iwashi, Kawahagi and Fugumirin.

  • Grilled Stingray Fin
  • Grilled Sardine Sheet
  • Grilled Pufferfish

Premium Sashimi Moriawase ($268)

For the sashimi lovers out there, this platter is the Chef’s selection of 9 different kinds of Premium Sashimi freshly flown in from Japan. The colours of the meat are vibrant and with clear translucency. Sui Gin, Yuzu Citron ($8)

Lunch Menu:

Hitoyoshi Premium Bento Set ($56)

Diners are able to try smaller portions of soba, tempura, maki, sashimi, and sushi. Completed with tofu and soup, this wide variety of dishes within just one set meal gives diners a taste of Hitoyoshi Izakaya’s specialties.

Teppan Gyu Teriyaki Set ($36)

Consisting of Beef Cut, Chawanmushi, Salad, Rice, and Miso Soup, the large portion of beef available and salad provides the necessary carbohydrates for the diners for a healthy meal.

Yaki Corn Ribs ($9)

Grilled corn with Yuzu Miso with the natural sweetness of the corn was enhanced by its time spent on the grill for sure. And when eaten with the combination of yuzu and miso would definitely stimulate your taste buds.

Jim Beam Highball from ($8.90)

The owners spend days researching to create more Highball flavours, and this must be the only place that serves that wide variety of highballs.

Located on the 5th floor which is the top floor of Jewel’s open space garden area, dining here really is an unique experience, especially since it is very spacious with three sitting areas and including a bar counter. Guests can view the regular Jewel fountain show while dining and drinking there. There are large tables as well as intimate corners to suit couples or corporate guests.

Where to eat in Jewel Changi Airport?

Hitoyoshi Izakaya

78 Airport Boulevard #05-205 Jewel, Singapore Changi Airport, (819666)
Phone: 6015 0398

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