Awaken the “go-getter” spirit in you as Samsonite launches its global campaign “Born To Go” 2019.
Celebrating a growing “on the go” mindset among today’s highly mobile and experiencecraving urban nomads, the world-renowned travel brand has also become the go-to brand for people on the move.
The “Born To Go” campaign is inspired by the brand’s commitment to innovation since its inception – to create smart, durable and lightweight solutions for purposeful travellers and commuters, because it believes that there should be absolutely nothing stopping you from going out there to discover the world (refer to Annex A for more info about the “Born To Go” campaign).
Embodying this spirit, the new Samsonite collection features the latest innovative and durable luggage for him and her.



EVOA Tech_front

Complete with a 3-in-1 Smart Lock system that enables both fingerprint and TSA combination lock for convenience, anti-theft zippers, as well as a built-in USB port to charge devices on the go, the EVOA Tech Spinner is the perfect travel companion that assures safety to the tech savvy. The brushed surface on black ensures minimum scratch visibility, while together with the copper accent on the logo and the metal components, it further enhances the premium look of the luggage.
The luggage comes with an integrated weighing scale too, that displays the weight with a simple tug of the side carry handle – no more hassles at airport check-in! The EVOA Tech Spinner is available in a stylish black colour.


Tri-Tech Spinner (midnight blue)_front

Effortlessly stylish with smart and practical features, the Tri-Tech Spinner is built with an AeroTrac™ suspension wheel that absorbs shock and ensures smooth gliding, and a user-friendly smart feature Click-Pop™ TSA combination lock to open the minimally designed luggage seamlessly.


Framed with an ultra-protective security aluminium frame and thoughtfully designed to be sturdier than the average luggage, its contents remain highly secured even through the roughest of baggage handling. The brushed texture on the surface reduces visibility of scratches while giving it a premium touch, making it the best partner to the discerning, modern traveller. The collection is available in Matte Black and Midnight Blue and in four sizes to cater to personalities with unique needs.



Polygon (blue)_front

Combining style with the latest design technology, the iconic Polygon luggage was born with the belief that travel can ‘shape your style’. This latest model, with its sleek polygon pattern, features a luxurious polycarbonate shell with a brushed texture that reduces scratch visibility and gives it a premium touch. Other innovative traits that will elevate your travel experience include the Flat-Max™ structure, a storage area that maximizes packing volume, and the Easy Brake™ System, a unique function that makes sure your luggage always stays with you. The Polygon is available in three colours – dark grey, blue and pink.



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