Maxi-Cash Launches Gold Collection inspired by Chinese zodiac Pig, symbolic of prosperity and wealth


To mark the year of the Pig, Maxi-Cash launches a series of gold collectibles and jewellery inspired by the animal in 999 pure gold and 916 gold for customers looking to bring wealth and prosperity into the new year.

From 7 to 20 Jan, Maxi-Cash will be organising a Zhu Bao Bao 猪饱饱roadshow at Waterway Point, Village Square Atrium. Expect Instagram opportunities of the adorable Prosperity Pig character for the young ones and attractive promotions and free gifts for all visitors. Visitors can try their luck at the Prosperity Pig Wheel for a chance to win exciting prizes & vouchers.

The first 10 privileged members who visit the roadshow at 10.30am daily will be rewarded with a free 999 pure gold ingot. Those who missed the chance to redeem the free gold ingot can also purchase it at a super special price of S$8 for the first 50 customers and at S$12 for the next 50 customers on 12 & 19 Jan from 3pm onwards.


Zhu Bao Bao 猪饱饱Special Edition Collection
Maxi-Cash’s Zhu Bao Bao 猪饱饱 special edition collection in 999 pure gold features the adorable Prosperity Pig character on gold bars and coins. These valuable collectibles can be purchased individually or in gift sets, starting from S$38.




Above: Maxi-Cash’s commemorative Zhu Bao Bao 猪饱饱collectibles in 999 pure gold.



Zodiac Pig Collection
Expanding the collection in 999 pure gold, Maxi-Cash brings the adorable and cheerful pig character to life with a plethora of jewellery designs for people to choose from. Bring home the laughing pig pendant as a symbol of joy and happiness or wear one of our pig charms in a colourful braided cord bracelet (free with every charm purchased) or paired with semi-precious stones in commemoration of the pig year.






Pig Zodiac pendants in 999 pure gold



999 Pure Gold Pi Xiu Charm Bracelet Collection
For those looking to attract wealth and fortune in the new year, adorn one of the new semi-precious gem bracelets with the mythical hybrid Chinese creature, Pi Xiu, crafted in 999 pure gold. According to legends, the Pi Xiu is a celestial creature resembling a dragon, horse and lion with wings, blessed to attract and retain wealth. The latest collection include a range of bracelets in different colours made with semi-precious gems to balance and attract positive energy flows. Some of these bracelets are made with a unique thermal technology that changes colour when the bracelet comes into contact with body heat.




999 pure gold Pi Xiu charm bracelet


916 Gold Jewellery Collection
Not forgetting the men, Maxi-Cash’s new 916 gold collection features more detailed work with the hardier gold that can withstand daily activities.


Choose from insignia rings craved with prosperous Chinese characters to ring in the good fortune and blessings for the new year – Fortune, (福) , Luck (旺) or Wealth (财).






Or select one of these unique intricate abacus pendants masterfully crafted with movable beads that sway and tic away as you move, counting the blessings and good fortune in the new year.



Both the dragon and the phoenix are mythical creatures, revered by the Chinese, for symbolising auspiciousness, and blessings from heavens. Intricately crafted, the chain links were made to mimic the dragon’s and the phoenix’s moving body. When worn, the ornate and lustrous bracelet looks like a shiny little dragon or phoenix has just curled up on your wrist, coming alive as you move through the day. People choose to wear these to protect themselves against negativity and to increase their blessings in life.



Festive Gifts and Prizes
Consumers who make a minimum purchase of S$500 in any Maxi-Cash store will get to spin the Festive Fortune Wheel for an instant win prize. Prizes worth of up to S$180, 000 include gold coins, gold collectibles and gift vouchers worth up to S$200.






A. 0.2 gram Prosperity Pig 999 pure gold coin. Now: S$38 (Usual: S$88)

B. 0.2 gram Prosperity Pig 999 pure gold round coin. Now: S$38 (Usual: S$88)

C. 0.5 gram Prosperity Pig 999 pure gold bar. Now: S$98 (Usual: S$158)

D. 1 gram Prosperity Pig 999 pure gold bar. Now: S$118 (Usual: S$188)

E. Prosperity Pig special-edition plush toy with gold ingot. Not for sale, but available in Prosperity Pig bundle gift sets


Complimentary Gift with Purchase: Free Red Packet Folio with every purchase of 5 Prosperity Pig gold coins or gold bars

Prosperity Pig Bundle Gift Sets

Items are also available on special promotions as a bundled gift set.

Visit the Maxi-Cash Zhu Bao Bao 猪饱饱roadshow or Maxi-Cash stores for more information.



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