Award-Winning German Designer, Niessing, Debuts its Global Millennial Line Designed using Exclusive Silver Alloy



Award-Winning German Designer, Niessing, Debuts its Global Millennial Line Designed
using Exclusive Silver Alloy





An art of the purest form, the ink tattoo has over centuries been a declaration of the most intimate and sentimental moments and relationships. TATTOO, a revolutionary idea, encourages innermost visions to be carved out on three shades of gold. Be it a sketch, illustration, poem or initials, the etchings are only limited by imagination. Available in bangles, rings and pendants, each bold statement will be curated for the wearer.

You can personalize your own Niessing Tattoo with our online configurator at Be unique and creative with it



Inspired by perpetual depth of space and its limitless possibilities, the GALAXY designs are an ode to exploration. The planetary designs of glowing spheres consist of a bracelet, pendant, ring and earrings. A highly versatile Collection, the Galaxy, encourages the wearer to push their style limits.



Life with its twists and turns, ends with everlasting memories, lessons and inspiration. The TWIST collection has been crafted to capture the journey one takes and to encourage adaptability – to move with the beat of life and embrace the meandering adventures. Bracelet, hoop earrings and rings complete the Collection.




A truly fascinating design, the FACET celebrates free spirit and true individuality. Each lustrous angle and every tilt revels in the spirit of relationships – be it your family or friends. Consisting of three items – ring, pendant and the earring – the latter two come in three colors and sizes, encouraging the wearer to share, collect and forge each piece to reflect never-ending bond.

Lava, Lime or Rose – Why not all three? Each of the four NIESSING Collections are available in three proprietary colors, the Niessing Lava, Lime and Rose. Either indulged in individually or stacked to celebrate a variation of colors, personalities and looks, the designs are an ode to a new memory meant to last a lifetime.


The Niessing NOW Line is available at Niessing Scott Square Boutique, #01-10.

Prices From:

Tattoo: SGD260 (Pendant)

Galaxy: SGD200 (Pendant)

Twist: SGD330 (Ring)

Facet: SGD260 (Ring)



SINGAPORE : 6 Scotts Road, #01-10 Scotts Square, Singapore 228209 CONTACT : +65 6443 2871 FACEBOOK : NiessingSG INSTAGRAM :

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