Celebrate the splendour of Christmas with nature’s stark grandeur and worldly glamour boldly captured in jewellery and gifts from RISIS. Imbued with the finest craftsmanship, RISIS celebrates Christmas this year with its Natural Jewellery, Promesse and Rose Dome Collection.

A spontaneous vision of exotic blooms, RISIS honours the essence of these beautiful flowers by immortalising their delicate beauty and graceful strength in asymmetrical designs. Transporting loved ones into a world of enchantment, these collections laced with charm speak of a magic that makes the season of gift-giving. The items are available from November 2018 onwards.


Natural Jewellery Collection

Made from fresh Euphorbia milii flowers, the Promesse collection features an exquisite design that resembles the infinity symbol. Encapsulated in 24K Swiss gold and rhodium, the Promesse collection blooms with unmatched beauty as the symbol of eternal love gracefully hangs on a delicate chain. The epitome of feminine elegance, the jewellery pieces set hearts aflutter during this season of giving.



Rose Dome



Kissed by eternity, the Rose Dome exudes an air of opulence as the stalk of voluptuous rose is preserved and plated in 24K Swiss gold and 18K Rose gold. Enclosed in a glass dome, the display piece charms your loved ones as it captures the magic and merriment of the season.

This Christmas, dazzle your loved ones with an exquisite gift drenched in the beauty of nature and opulence from RISIS.

For more information, visit: https://risis.com/shop/



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