The Ten Gods by Joey Yap | An Introduction to The Cornerstone of BaZi





A thorough and detailed understanding of the Ten Gods is essential for anyone seeking to master BaZi beyond the beginner level. The ground-breaking The Ten Gods presents a one-of-a-kind reference on this subject in ways never attempted before by any Chinese or English reference books. To advanced, intermediate or even novice students, this collection of knowledge will be one of the most integral points of reference in their study of Destiny Analysis.


What You`ll Learn


  • A thorough introduction to the concept of the Ten Gods
  • The traits and characteristics of each of the Ten Gods, as well as matter represented by each of them
  • Incorporates both classical/traditional and modern interpretations and viewpoints of each of the Ten Gods
  • The key basic principles relating to the Ten Gods
  • Analysis techniques utilizing each of the Ten Gods
  • Basic BaZi principles like Favorable and Unfavorable Elements and the Strength of Individual Elements


Chapter Highlights

Chapter One: There Are Ten
Presenting an introduction to the significances and relationships of the Ten Gods.

Chapter Two: The Destiny Code Building Blocks
Basic concepts are touched upon, along with a quick recap on key concepts.

Chapter Three: The Output Stars
The Output Stars – a detailed examination.

Chapter Four: The Wealth Stars
Wealth Star being analysed for its essentials, permutations and characteristics.

Chapter Five: The Influence Stars
Establish better understanding on The Influence Stars.

Chapter Six: The Resource Stars
Know more about the Quality, Characteristics and Attitudes of Resource Stars.

Chapter Seven: The Companion Stars
A comprehensive look at the star that defines who we really are


What we like about this book :-

This book was written with the novice and intermediate students of BaZi in mind, bringing the necessary understanding for anyone seeking to master BaZi beyond the beginner level. the text are large and easy to read with color pages and illustration. You do not need to be good in Chinese language to understand it.

The Ten Gods, being an integral and core component of the study of BaZi (Chinese Astrology), are the key to Decoding the Destiny Code. Anyone who wishes to make use of BaZi must have a strong foundation in the Ten Gods.

Knowing how to identify the Ten Gods of each of the Ten Day Masters, and understanding the basic fundamentals of each of the Ten Gods is a breakthrough step in analyzing and accurately deriving information about a person, be it their character, or their destiny, from their BaZi chart.



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