Chunky Lobsters – New Lobster Shack In Town



Chunky Lobster is a new cozy lobster shack, which opened in early April, in the CBD area. They are committed to serving affordable lobster rolls so we decided to pay them a visit.

Founders Leonard and Chris started this business recently from an idea. Leonard was a seasoned financial services manager in the insurance industry. He had started to find work extremely monotonous and uninspiring. Chris, who was working as an IT sales consultant, had just returned from a business trip in New York. Chris had found a lobster shack during his trip that had an interesting business model, which he felt had great potential and could be replicated in Singapore and Asia. They decided to take action and flew to Qingdao and Tokyo to attend the world seafood expo where they sealed deals with food suppliers and also to do in-depth market research on the current concept. By April, Chunky Lobsters was launched.

Before Chunky Lobsters, Leonard and Chris had absolutely no experience in the F&B industry. They had managed to set up the restaurant but they were extremely low on manpower, to the extent that both founders had to stand at the counter to take orders. Having learnt things the hard way through the unexpected surge in demand, they’re much better staffed now with more stable operations.




Their first shop is located at  138 Robinson Road #02-03 Oxley Tower Singapore 068906. Over there, the eatery functions on a grab and go concept, with only five seats for dine-in customers. But then again, this is how they manage to keep their costs so low. So if your office is close by in the CBD, this is perfect for Takeaway. If you really like to dine in, try to come after the lunch peak period.

We visited their second shop at The Cathay , 2 Handy Road, #01-01 , which was opened just a few weeks ago. The location of this outlet is quite good, right beside the main entrance of the mall on ground floor. Leonard really did his research in securing such a good location. The seats are still limited but the environment is more open and if you come during non peak hours I am sure you can find a seat to dine in.



For just $16, their lobster rolls seem too good to be true. We question the amount of lobster in each roll, but they mentioned that every roll comes with a well-portioned 90g of Canadian Lobster meat.

They keep to a simple menu , just three choices, Orignal , Connecticut and Cheezy flavours.


Original flavour , the lobster meat is served cold . This is also known as the Maine Style Lobster roll. You can expect tender lobster chunks that deliver a satisfying sweetness, and a taste of the sea, The lobster chunks are coated in a homemade lemon butter sauce, mayonnaise, and their secret herbs and spices concoction.The fluffy bread roll is slathered with butter, and toasted to perfection. Each order also includes a side of  cassava chips.



Connecticut Flavour

Hold the mayonnaise and bring on the butter. Warm lobster meat served with melted butter. This is our favourite. The lobster chunks were sized appropriately, and even had the whole claws. These pieces are the softest and most juicy, and Chunky Lobsters promise that every roll will come with some claws.




Cheezy Flavours

The Chunky’s Cheezy will be a hit among cheese lovers. Look forward to a lobster roll with mozzarella, cheddar, parmesan sprinkles, and cheddar sauce. The amount of cheese was generous.


Complete your lobster roll with their Lobster Bisque. Creamy and smooth, it would be great if this side dish includes some lobster meat in it. This was really appetizing and a hearty finish to the meal.

With prices starting from S$16, Chunky Lobster is the place to go if you have a craving for some lobster roll in Singapore. For a full meal, I suggest getting Set B ($19.90) that comes with a lobster roll of your choice, lobster bisque and a drink. It’s well worth the value, and perfect for your meal. Considering the affordable $16 cost, the lobster roll really exceeded expectations. Chunky Lobsters manages to do it justice.

138 Robinson Road #02-03 Oxley Tower Singapore 068906

2 Handy Road, #01-01, The Cathay Singapore 229233


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