This fall, creative director Jonathan Anderson lends inspiration from yet another character – a complicated and quiet sophisticate; likely an art collector or gallerist. Concentrating on furnishing this lady with functional daywear, he curates a collection of outfit choices fit for every occasion possible. Embracing LOEWE tradition, leather is worked as both surface and adornment, once again bringing emphasis to the finesse of Loewe’s leather craft expertise while introducing complexity in every piece.


Cold Luxury




Taking a step away from the usual range of casual wear, this season sees LOEWE delving into unchartered territories, creating pieces that are more sharp-edged and conventionally luxurious. Perfect for a formal event, it allows the LOEWE woman to exude an air of elegant attitude. This range focuses on materials including leather and opulent shearling that instantly injects richness into the collection while making use of more elevated and sophisticated colours like petroleum blue.


Relaxed Silhouette




In true LOEWE fashion, the brand challenges conventions while flaunting technical expertise in the manipulation of shapes and innovative materiality. Tailored tuxedos are refreshed in a relaxed silhouette, while basic pieces are complemented with details of lace and lingerie that lends a touch of femininity. Leatherworking skills are magnified in pieces where smooth topstitched calfskin imposes structure on cotton plisse dresses, that is entwined with lace, or falls in vertical panels down soft smocks and trousers. LOEWE has crafted yet another collection that piques tactile curiosity.





Taking the limelight this season is the introduction of a variety of outerwear options, a rarity in LOEWE’s past collections. This collection is disrupted by decadent moments of primitivism, drawing inspiration from English countryside and hunting motifs, evident in the use of brown, tweed and houndstooth print, which was incidentally a symbol of new wave feminism movements in the 80s. Expect to see flared coats and capes that create ample volume in flat gabardine, as well as double construction of the British millerain, making up for an interesting twist to otherwise conventional outerwear.

For more information and details of the LOEWE FW18 collection, please find enclosed the collection release and image download links below. 

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