SKY PREMIUM – OFFICIALLY LAUNCHES ITS SINGAPORE OPERATIONS | Singapore’s first exclusive privileges club launches in Singapore after soaring success in Japan


Senior management, together with Min-Li Tan and Allan Wu, Panel Advisors of Sky Premium, raised a toast to signify the launch of Sky Premium

Singapore’s first exclusive privileges club, Sky Premium announced their official launch this Thursday. Sky Premium is a bespoke lifestyle brand that curates exclusive experiences and merchandises across travel, dining, shopping and wellness for the discerning while also providing members with insider knowledge about local and international premium offerings. Sky Premium seeks to encourage members to pursue their dream life, also known as The Good Life. It is also Singapore’s first exclusive privileges membership club. Boasting a robust portfolio of over 200 carefully selected merchants across Travel, Wine & Dine, Shopping and Wellness, the perks and privileges provided by each merchant is exclusive and unique to Sky Premium members. 

Sky Premium had successful operations in Japan, with over 15,000 members and following the launch in Singapore, Sky Premium is looking to the future with expansion plans across South East Asia in 2019.

Some examples of Sky Premium’s merchants are:


Banyan Tree Group, Antartica XXI, White Shark Projects

Wine & Dine

BAM!, The Lighthouse, Peach Blossom


Style Tribute, Artisan of Sense, Charlotte Puxley


Spa Infinity, Aileron Wellness, Bbounce


Some examples of privileges are:

  • Enjoy complimentary Platinum Emporium Shokuhin membership.
  • At BAM! restaurant, members have access to the best table, personal greetings from the Head Chef, complimentary BAM!’s Exclusive drink, Minanogawa Shiboritate Junmai Ginjo, and complimentary amuse-bouche for each guest at the table.
  • At Spa Infinity, members get to enjoy beauty and wellness services at members-exclusive prices


Beyond  merchant privileges, Sky Premium also features  an E-store  where  members  can shop  for apparel   and  accessories  from  luxury   brands   such  as  Fendi,   Prada,  Alexander   McQueen and Hoorsenbuhs, to  name  a few. Aside from  seasonal  favourites,  the  store  will also feature  limited edition and off-radar  pieces. In addition to fashion,  members can also buy fresh gourmet produce that  will be air-flown  in direct  from  internationally renowned markets  such as the Tsukiji market in Japan.


Access to the Sky Premium platform is via its website or its app,  both of which  enable members  to easily identify, distill and bookmark merchants based on location and other  toggles. Members can be  privy  to  a  cheat  sheet  on  the  industty’s latest  happenings with  Sky  Premium’s monthly newsletter. It  provides  an  update to  members on  the  latest  merchants available on  its platform, insider  content and  insights  on  the latest and  fanciest.  Through the respective  portals,  members can  earn  a spot  on  the  by-invite-only guestlist  for a lineup of dosed-door and  exclusive events organised specially by Sky Premium. These  include  masterdasses (e.g. an organic  kimchi-making workshop by gourmet grocer) and prestigious members’ parties such as cruise-ship soirees, fashion shows and  more.


Sky  Premium  started   with   an  aim   to  help   people   elevate  their  lifestyles  by  increasing the accessibility  of exclusive experiences  and  merchandise to its members. They  encourage members to pursue their  dream  life which  they  called The Good  Life. While  headquartered in Singapore with 30 employees,  operations first took  place in Japan  where  the service was offered  to members by-invite-only. With its success in Japan  with over 15,000 members, Sky Premium started  building its Singapore operations in  late  2016 focusing  on  bringing The Good   Life  to  people  living  in Singapore. Now,  in 2018, Sky Premium Singapore is officially launched with  plans to expand  to other markets  in South-East Asia from  2019.  Sky  Premium also partners with  Medecins Sans Frontieres (MSF) to provide medical assistance  to people affected by conflict, epidemics, disasters, or exclusion from  healthcare.


Sky  Premium is committed to  bringing the good  life to everyone  and  for a yearly  membership price  of  S$1,200. One simply  has  to  register  for  membership via  the  Sky  Premium  website: Membership comes with a welcome package, that includes an authentic gold-plated membership card, full access to Sky Premium offerings. Sky Premium also boasts a unique loyalty  programme where dose to all bookings, reservations  or purchases made  on the platform will entitle members to Sky Dollars which  they can  use to offset future  purchases. 1 Sky Dollar  is equivalent to 1 SGD.

For more  information about Sky Premium, visit

The official Sky Premium handle for Instagram  @skypremiumsg and for Facebook, it is

#SkyPremiumSG and #SkyPremiumGoodLife

Official website:

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