Cosmicqweens gives you the inside scoop to its innovative formula that gives you the most bang for your buck; Velveret. The timeless lipstick is highly pigmented and delivers a comfortable formula that keeps the lips supple and moisturized. Its long-lasting formula comes in eight different shades, from milky pink to seductive reds, flattering every skin tone.



This great lip enhancer which adds lush and shine to one’s lip while enhancing the dimension of depth, especially with the Ecstasy and Glam Qween shades. The luxurious velvety texture glides right on, making each standout shade a fashion statement.

Cosmicqweens Velverets are paraben free, gluten free, cruelty-free and vegan-friendly!

The exquisite Halloween Edition; Drug Lord, offers a bold and statement look brimming with vitality from day to night with each swatch.

Featuring four captivating colours, these stunning lipsticks give the wearer the perfect punch of colour to charm the crowd.

If you aren’t already a lipstick addict, the Drug Lord entices you to start now and yet not break your bank.

For more information, please visit:





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