Discover the whole MCY collection at Cannes Yachting Festival

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With Europe’s leading in-water boating event – the Cannes Yachting Festival – to take place at the French Riviera, September is going to be a busy and rewarding month for the Italian luxury yacht builder, Monte Carlo Yachts.

Cannes, a glamorous harbor city famous for red-carpet events, turquoise waters as well as old-town charm will once again host the Festival, heralding the opening of the new boating season. The whole MCY collection will be presented at the show, including the MCY 105, the MCY 96, the MCY 86, the MCY 80, the MCY 76, the MCY 70 and the MCY 65, seven iconic MCY models recognized with multiple international awards over the past decade.


Over the years, Cannes has been chosen as the first stop for the new MCY models to embark on their world tours, and five out of the seven models have received industry recognitions at Cannes. Take the latest launch, the MCY 96 for example; she was awarded the “Most Achieved Trophy” while the MCY 80 won the “Best Layout Trophy”. The MCY 105, the largest model of the collection won the “Most Innovative Yacht Trophy” while the MCY 70 was awarded the “Best Design Trophy”. What’s more, the MCY 76 won a double award at Cannes, “Best Design Trophy” and “Most Innovative Yacht Trophy” respectively.

Every model in the Monte Carlo Yachts collection has the DNA and space of a larger yacht, offering unlimited possibilities for customization to meet each owner’s needs. Underneath elegance and superior engineering there is always attention to detail from design to manufacturing for Monte Carlo Yachts.

Following the display at the French Riviera, the MCY models will be showcased for the general public at Genoa International Boat Show and Monaco Yacht Show in September.

Visitor info for Cannes Yachting Festival 2018
Dates: September 11th-16th, 2018
Venue: Vieux Port & Port Pierre Canto, Cannes, France
MCY’s presence: MCY 105, MCY 96, MCY 86, MCY 80, MCY 76, MCY 70, MCY 65

Visitor info for Genoa International Boat Show 2018
Dates: September 20th-25th, 2018
Venue: Fiera di Genova, Genoa, Italy
MCY’s presence: MCY 80, MCY 76, MCY 70, MCY 65

Visitor info for Monaco Yacht Show 2018
Dates: September 26th-29th, 2018
Venue: Port Hercules, Monaco
MCY’s presence: MCY 105, MCY 96, MCY 86



戛纳向来都是一个充满魅力的港口城市,受到众多明星名流的眷顾,无论是蓝绿色的海水还是迷人的老城风情都让戛纳令人流连忘返。戛纳游艇节将开启全新游艇季的序幕。而蒙地卡罗游艇将在展会期间展出旗下全系列游艇,包括MCY 105、MCY 96、MCY 86、MCY 80、MCY 76、MCY 70和MCY 65。蒙地卡罗游艇在过去10年间推出的这七艘标志性的船型,获奖无数。

多年来,戛纳是蒙地卡罗游艇旗下全新船型开启世界巡航之旅的首站,同时五艘蒙地卡罗游艇在这里获得业界嘉奖。以蒙地卡罗游艇最新船型MCY 96为例,她在戛纳荣膺了“最佳表现奖”,而MCY 80获得了“最佳布局大奖”。蒙地卡罗游艇旗舰船型MCY 105在戛纳斩获了“最佳创新大奖”,而MCY 70荣膺了“最佳设计大奖”。令人骄傲的是,MCY 76在戛纳同时斩获两项大奖,分别是“最佳设计大奖”和“最佳创新大奖”。



地点:法国戛纳Vieux Port & Port Pierre Canto
展出船型:MCY 105、MCY 96、MCY 86、MCY 80、MCY 76、MCY 70、MCY 65

地点:意大利热那亚Fiera di Genova
展出船型:MCY 80、MCY 76、MCY 70、MCY 65

地点:摩纳哥Port Hercules港
展出船型:MCY 105、MCY 96、MCY 86



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