ARTE ORO: The Fine Art of Creating Priceless Legacies



Danilo Giannoni, renowned Italian jeweller, master artisan and gemstone specialist, has launched his first custom jewellery design and production atelier in Singapore. Named ARTE ORO, Italian for The Art of Gold, it specialises in translating customers’ unique stories into highly personalised heirloom treasures.


The idea for ARTE ORO arose after Danilo relocated to Singapore and discovered there was a niche for this exclusive service. With limited artisanal options available in the local market, many affluent clients in the region were actually flying to Hong Kong to custom design and even repair jewellery.

“Jewellery is a very personal possession. Its true value lies in the sentiments and relationships each piece embodies,” says Danilo. “Creating bespoke jewellery is therefore an intrinsically intimate journey – encapsulating a unique story and culminating in an extraordinary work of art that will be valued for generations.”
“When I was a young student in the city of Valenza, I would sit beside the master jewellers while they work with their clients. They would travel vast distances to Milan and stay for weeks while the masters assemble their pieces; having a say in how each special gem is chosen and how it fits harmoniously within the design. This romance in jewellery creation is what I want to bring to Singapore.”

Besides being acclaimed for his design and craft, Danilo is also highly sought after for his ability to help clients secure rare gemstones of extraordinary value – courtesy of the relationships he has established over the years with mine owners and gem dealers all over the world. This often grants him priority access to some of the finest, rarest and most interesting gems ever unearthed.


Danilo adds, “Coloured stones are a unique experience. It’s not about where that ruby or sapphire came from, but whether its colour, brilliance and spirit capture your heart.”


Sharing this view is Ananda Maitreya, a customer turned-close friend of Danilo.


“I was introduced to Danilo while curating a collection of gems for my daughters. I had wanted a Kashmiri Sapphire then for its investment value, but when Danilo brought the stones to show me, I didn’t quite feel for them. So, he showed me a sapphire from Madagascar which was in the exact shade of cornflower blue that I wanted, but normally found among the most expensive of sapphires. Incredibly, this particular piece was only a fraction of the cost of similar stones. I immediately fell in love with it, and the rest is history.”


Practising ethical gem sourcing is also a key focus for Danilo. Arte Oro is working on leveraging blockchain technology to track gemstones from mining to certification and after sales; ensuring clients know the origins of each stone and can be assured that they are procured from sustainable sources.


Prior to setting up his own creative labels, Danilo worked for almost three decades with established jewellers including Bvlgari, Damiani, Crivelli, Luca Carati and Leo Pizzo.


To find out more about Arte Oro, please visit and on Instagram. Visits to the atelier are by appointment only.


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