Lower East Side introduces a vibrant and atmospheric Mexican Taqueria along the booming Thomson Road. The intimate 30-seat restaurant presents a fresh experience on Mexican dining with the menu serving a compelling combination of traditional Mexican flavours into a range of hearty guilt-free dishes.


Typically viewed as an indulgent cuisine, Lower East Side Novena aims to put a healthy and hearty spin on traditional Mexican food with the use of leaner ingredients in their dishes. With the base of all food items prepared with the highest quality produce, diners are further given the option to choose from a variety of health-conscious ingredients as a nutritious replacement of the conventional elements. Alternative toppings include the wheat-free quinoa or wild rice to replace starchy grains.

Lower East Side Novena offers guests the chance to be innovative with their favourite menu items by either deconstructing their favourite burrito into a burrito bowl or taco into a taco salad with a choice of grain-base or greens base. The dining experience offers guests the chance to tuck into healthier alternatives without sacrificing on delicious flavours with the signature ingredients that characterize Mexican cuisine still prominent.



Quinoa Burrito



Wild Rice Burrito Bowl

An exclusive Novena opening special, Lower East Side introduces the ‘Guilt-free-ish All Day Burrito’. The large- sized burrito is a great way for diners to get their daily protein intake filled with the all-mighty superfood Quinoa. Not only health conscious the guilt-free-ish deal is both highly affordable and delectable proving to be a perfect bite for patrons around the Novena area. The All- Day Burrito is available as either a classic burrito or burrito bowl and features a variety of flavours including the Brunch Burrito, Pork Carnitas and a Vegetarian Guacamole and Mango option all priced at 15++.



LES sauce


Originally from Oaxaca Mexico Chef Jorge helms the kitchen to create a contemporary Mexican menu, merging his Mexican heritage with over a decade worth of international culinary experience. Each dish is never complete without Chef Jorge’s tantalising homemade sauces full of flavour and low on calories. The highlight is Chef Jorge’s authentic Salsa Verde consisting of Green Tomatillo, Jalapeno Chilli, Coriander and Onion and Hibiscus Vinaigrette; consisting of Hibiscus extract with Olive Oil and Balsamic Vinegar. The sauces are refreshingly light and wholesome acting as a terrific substitute for creamy salad dressings or dips for corn chips.





Lean living is accentuated with the inclusion of five types of homemade juice options to the menu, all naturally made from organic products including fresh fruit, seeds and herbs with no artificial sweetener or sugar. The signature ‘Hibiscus Tea’ -prepared from the hibiscus flower- contains an abundance of health benefits including relief from high cholesterol and high blood pressure as well as positive effects for the digestive, immune system and inflammatory problems. Other blends include the Homemade Lemonade with Chia Seeds and the Horchata; a traditional Mexican drink of Rice, Milk, Almonds and Cinnamon which has been infused with Star Anise, Cloves and topped with Anise Seed.






As an equally lively destination for an evening or weekend drinks, diners are greeted with a well-stocked bar upon their first steps into the restaurant. The extensive drink selection ranges from international craft beers and vintage wines to premium Mezcal to chilled afternoon Margarita pitchers. Tequila- lovers will also have the chance to savour a variety of lesser-known tequilas with tasting flights specially designed to give diners a glimpse into the world of Mexican tequila and mezcal. Lower East Side Novena brings out all the stops for happy hour with the happy beer bucket; Buy 4 get 2 free and 1-for-1 on red Sangria and pints of beer before 9pm.


The all indoor seating creates a sense of family with an electrifying atmosphere heightened by the authentic reggae tone playlist in the background. The relaxed restaurant becomes enlivened by the unique design aesthetics dotted with splashes of fun, giving guests the chance to admire the hidden motifs of wooden crates adjourning the ceilings, hanging chairs and a custom large-scale skull art piece overlooking the neighborhood’s favourite laidback hangout.

Location & Contact Details:

273 Thomson Road, #01-03, Singapore 307644

+65 6265 0621

Opening Hours: Monday Closed


Tuesday to Thursday & Sunday: 11am – 3pm


Monday to Thursday & Sunday: 5pm – 10:30pm

Friday & Saturday: 11am – 1am



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