SENS Unveils Its Summer Collection of Aburi Maki, Showcasing Premium Ingredients Imported from Japan


SENS present its brand-new series of aburi maki offerings. The exquisite summer collection is a trio of Umami Maki, Sugoi Maki and Oishii Maki. All three maki offerings are enlivened by special homemade sauces!


Umami Maki (S$17.50)

Foie gras is the star ingredient in Umami Maki (S$17.50). The piquant and rich note of the liver is paired with the buttery flavour of the creamy avocado. The rice is sprinkled with Japanese furikake, and topped with glistening globes of tobiko.



Sugoi Maki (S$15.50)


Follow that with the Sugoi Maki (S$15.50), which is drenched with a moreish century egg sauce and studded with tobiko. It is made with a repertoire of salmon, scallop and king fish, all imported from Japan and hence the quality is superb.



Oishi Maki (S$17.50)

Finally, for the Oishi Maki (S$17.50), the fried ebi is paired with avocado and finished with tobiko. This savouriness of the luscious mentaiko sauce is tempered by a special sweet apple sauce.


Chuka Udon (S$16.80)


Besides the summer collection, SENS has also introduced the Chuka Udon and Kajiki Tataki, both refreshingly tangy. Served cold, the Chuka Udon (S$16.80) showcases a medley of crab meat, egg, prawn, sliced cucumber and Champagne ham (pork). The ribbons of noodles are imported from Japan.



Kajiki Tataki (S$12)

Elegantly served in a cocktail glass, the Kajiki Tataki (S$12) features mekajiki (swordfish) in a delightful zesty sauce, and garnished with seaweed.






SENS boasts one of the largest selections of drinks, with one-of-a-kind craft beers, unpasteurised draft sake and other exclusive wines, SENS offers an exceptional selection and excellent quality in a class of its own at affordable pricing.

Venue: 118 Holland Avenue Raffles Holland Village #B1-12/13 Singapore 278997

Operating Hours:

Monday to Thursday: 11:00am to 3:00pm, 5:00 pm to 10:00pm

Friday to Sunday and Public Holiday: 11:00am to 10:00pm

*Last order at 9:30 pm


Seating Capacity: 46





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