Latest LG G7+ThinQ Smartphone Review


Beyond the  latest  specs that  users can expect  from a premium smartphone in 2018, the LG G7+ThinQ is also packed with  AI- enhanced features that makes the phone extremely convenient for users.

The LG G7+ThinQ  incorporates AI technologies that  enhances the fundamentals of a smartphone – audio, battery, camera and display. The LG G7+ThinQ also offers improved interconnectivity  with LG devices such as home appliances, TVs, and more.


Pros : 

(1) The LG G7+ThinQ features the class-leading Super Bright Display LCD that is up to 1000  nit in brightness, with smart color settings for the best viewing experience at reduced power consumption.

(2) An improved camera with AI functions for the perfect photos every time, any time. Low light photography is even better now with the new Super Bright Camera that takes four times brighter photos.

(3) New Boombox Speaker,  users can listen to  music with friends with no distortion. If earphones are preferred, the 32-bit  Hi- Fi Quad DAC and DTS:X 3D surround sound allows for an immersive high definition audio experience.

(4) Innovative AI features that assist the users

(5) Super Far Field Voice Recognition

(6) Super Wide Angle Camera

(7) Beautiful, light and robust design, so easy to hold

(8) Love that audio headphone jack



(1) The notch could be turn on or turn off , frankly I do not see why a notch has to exist in the first place. Apple Iphone X has a flaw in the notch yet others are copying it. Would you like to see a notch on your flat screen TV ?

(2) Premium phone at premium price, like many other smartphone it is still too pricey



LG G7 2

More on their new features:

Super Bright Display

The 6.1-inch 19.5:9 FullVision display on the LG G7+ThinQ is among the brightest and clearest available on a smartphone.  With  QHD+ resolution (3120  x 1440  / 564ppi) and brightness settings that can be boosted all the way up to 1000  nit, the G7+ ThinQ will be perfectly visible in all situations.

The RGBW pixel configuration  of  the  display panel is a game-changer in the smartphone industry, providing better color quality while reducing power consumption by up to 30 percent compared to the LG G6.

The display offers an unprecedented level of customization. The smartphone comes loaded with six different color settings – Auto, Eco, Cinema, Sports, Game and Expert) – and for the  first  time ever on a smartphone,  users can manually control the color temperature or adjust the RGB levels to fine tune the display to their exact preferences.

For an added touch of personalization,  the LG G7+ThinQ  offers  the New Second Screen to customize the notification bar to suit personal tastes.


Super Bright Camera

Super Bright Camera on the LG G7+ThinQ allows users to capture amazing images even in the dark. When activated, the camera will evaluate the scene and measure the brightness level of the image on the display.

When the brightness of the on-screen image is determined  to  be less that  3 lux,  the LG G7+ThinQ  will automatically activate Super Bright Camera to brighten the image by up to four times. If the brightness of the subject is between 3 and 10 lux, the camera will provide the  user  with   the  option  to  activate  Super  Bright Camera.


Boombox Speaker

The LG G7+ThinQ continues to demonstrate LG’s commitment to delivering the very best audio performance in a smartphone. For users who prefer to use traditional earphones, the G7+ThinQ features a 3.5mm audio jack to enjoy high quality audio through the 32-bit Hi-Fi Quad DAC. This is the the first smartphone to feature DTS:X 3D surround sound, providing an immersive audio experience with  up to  7.1  channels.  In addition,  the speaker has been significantly enhanced with  a DTS- verified speaker powerful  enough to  fill a large room with clear sound without any loss in quality.

Internally, the LG G7+ThinQ sports a resonance chamber that is more than 10 times larger than in the LG G6. With  the  Boombox Speaker option  enabled,  the  LG G7+ThinQ utilizes this resonance chamber to turn itself into an powerful subwoofer to deliver incredibly strong bass.

Users  will   be  pleasantly  surprised  that   they   can actually feel the amount of bass that the LG G7+ThinQ produces with  Boombox Speaker.  When placed on a solid surface, the bass effect is amplified even further through the other material.


AI Features

The LG G7+ThinQ features a dedicated Google Assistant button to provide users with direct access to the phone’s  AI functions.  A single tap of the button launches the Google Assistant while two quick taps will start  Google Lens.  Users can  also hold down the button and  begin talking to the Google Assistant.

AI also enhances the camera functions. Select AI CAM in camera app to analyze the scene before selecting the recommended shooting mode. Food will look more appetizing, flowers will look more vibrant and pets appear cuter. If the LG G7+ThinQ recognizes multiple people in the frame, it will suggest switching to the Super Wide Angle lens.

All this intelligence reduces the hassle of deciding which settings  will look best with which subjects, allowing the user to just focus on what’s in the frame, not on the settings.

This smart camera also features Voice AI functionality. Instead of having to manually invoke the camera, just say “take  a photo with AI CAM” to capture the best shot possible. Voice commands can also be used to set alarms and timers.


Super Far Field Voice Recognition

Voice commands are only useful if  they can be heard and understood.  The LG G7+ThinQ incorporates Super Far Field Voice Recognition (SFFVR)  technology to make sure that  it will recognize and execute voice commands from up to  five meters away. The smartphone’s sophisticated Voice AI technology utilizes the two integrated microphones to filter out ambient noise to recognize the user’s voice.

When used with Boombox Speaker, SFFVR can turn the LG G7+ThinQ into a home AI speaker,  responding to  voice commands from across the  living room or kitchen. Simply say “play music with LG Boombox” at normal volume from the other end of the room to listen to your favorite playlist.

Super Wide Angle Camera

The LG G7+ThinQ is the first smartphone in the world to provide HDR 10  support.  And thanks  to  its  all-glass Crystal  Clear Lens, the G7+ThinQ is able to capture beautiful images with precise details.

The smartphone features  dual camera modules in the  rear with a 16MP F1.6  standard camera with  a 71° field-of-view and another 16MP F1.9  Super Wide Angle lens with  107° field-of-view.  On the front is a new 8MP F1.9 camera with an 80° field-of-view.

The LG G7+ThinQ features an advanced Portrait mode that blurs the background for a professional-looking shot. For shutterbugs who wish to  show some creative flair,  the camera offers  a variety of filters and AR stickers to choose from. The Live Photo option captures the moments before and after  the shutter  is pressed to create a moving vignette.

Beautiful and Robust Design

The sleek form factor and 2.5D curved tempered glass screen of the LG G7+ThinQ contribute to the phone’s  elegant design aesthetic. Ergonomics are a key feature of the phone’s  design philosophy.  All buttons are strategically positioned so they can be reached with one hand while the rear-mounted fingerprint sensor is positioned exactly where the index finger comes to rest.

The LG G7+ThinQ comes in a variety of eye-catching color options such as Platinum Gray, Aurora Black,  and Moroccan Blue.  These intense colors will make the device stand out in any crowd.

The LG G7+ThinQ isn’t just a beautifully designed phone.   With  IP68 certification for water and dust resistance, users with active lifestyles can use it outdoors without worry.


Some sample photos taken with the LG G7+ThinQ

LG G7+ PHOTO 110LG G7+ PHOTO 106LG G7+ PHOTO 099LG G7+ PHOTO 042



This phone is definitely worth considering when you are looking for the latest smartphone with new features.



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