The new FiSK Seafoodbar & Market brings to Singapore a holistic ‘Seafarer to Chef’ food experience

Located on the compounds  of the recently opened  Novotel on Stevens Road, FiSK (Norwegian  for fish) Seafoodbar  & Market  is the brainchild  of Frank Næsheim, Founder  and CEO of Snorre Food, which  for  30  years  and  counting,   is one  of  the most  respected   purveyors  of  seafood  in Singapore and Asia, specialising in distributing quality Norwegian and coldwater seafood,  as well as others sourced from around the world, to major restaurants and hotels.

Leveraging  on the history  as well as the expertise  of its parent  company and Frank Næsheim, FiSK Seafoodbar  & Market  combines  a dining  and retail  experience  that  is unmatched  in its level  of  consumer-focused   sourcing  and  quality,   and  its  ‘one-stop   solution’   convenience.



Dining-&-buying in the Viking spirit

Passion and expertise,  born of pride  in Norwegian heritage  and Viking spirit,  drives FiSK Seafoodbar  & Market  – from  the hands-on approach  of veteran  ‘seafarer’  Snorre Food CEO and FiSK owner  Frank Næsheim to Executive Chef Markus Dybwad  and his dedicated team.

After  enjoying  a meal at the Seafoodbar,  inspired  diners can conveniently  recreate  a meal at home  or  purchase  quality  seafood,  ready  takeaways  and  Nordic  products  at  the  one-stop shop  in the  Market.


The knowledgeable FiSK Seafoodbar  & Market  fishmongers  would  be glad to impart  friendly  advice on any aspect of cooking,  from selection of produce  available at the  18-meter  long  seafood  display,  to  preparation and  best  cooking  methods  for  specific seafood.  The  Market   also  transforms   from  a retail establishment   to  a  social ground,   as  customers   can  book   the  space  for  gatherings  or meetings, or dine at the communal table after retail hours.








At the 44-seat Seafoodbar,  diners can choose to sit by the ‘live’  kitchen  to catch the chefs in action  and tuck  into  coldwater seafood  at its most  sublime.  Chef Markus  believes  in doing very little  to high-quality ingredients, allowing  them to ‘shine’ on their  own. Some standouts include  the  open-face   “Smørrebrød”  sandwiches;  Creamed  Fish  and  Shellfish  Soup;  and Baccalao using Norwegian dry-salted  cod.  And  for  dinner,  don’t miss the  Fried  Herring  and Salmon Tartar;  Raw Hand-Dived  Scallop ceviche; Seared Langoustine  Tail with  smoked  bone marrow,  confit  of swede and crispy kale; and the impressive  Hot-Smoked  Greenland  Halibut with pearl cous cous, roe and horseradish sauce for sharing.


In its interior design,  FiSK Seafodbar  & Market  reflects  the profound Norwegian connection with  the  sea and affinity  for  nature,  most  eloquently in the  horizontal  timber  fins or ‘binds’ that  connect  both  the seafoodbar  and market,  and in the 18-meter  long seafood  display and mosaic feature wall behind it, representing water fading into the sky.


FiSK Cuisine: Serving perfect flavours, perfectly




The Seafoodbar’s  menu is curated to showcase fresh and quality seafood from the Market, in choice dishes for  lunch and dinner.  For lunch, there  is a 4-course Set and A La Carte, featuring Seafood on ice – oysters, king crab, prawns, lobster,  salmon, trout, scallop, and seabream. Other  cold selections include open-face  “Smørrebrød” sandwiches, salads, and smoked  and  cured  fish  such as the  in-house  smoked  salmon,  3 types  of  herrings,  and gravlaks. Hot dishes include Creamed Fish And Shellfish Soup; Baccalao, a traditional Portuguese   dish  of  dry-salted   cod,  tomatoes,   onions,  potatoes and  black  olives;  and Haddock Curry. Desserts include Apple  Crumble with cream, compote and crystalised chocolate;  and Sour Cream Mousse with strawberry  consommé and cookie crumble.


Salmon Skin with smoked mayonnaise


Fried Herring  in sourdough  batter,  sour cream and dill powder

Dinner  commences  with  bar bites  such as Fried Herring  in sourdough  batter,  sour cream and dill powder;  Salmon Skin with smoked mayonnaise; and Salmon Tartar with tomato and Foie Gras. Or you can opt for selections ‘from  the market’,  fresh with minimal seasoning to showcase seafood’s  natural  flavours.  These include  Raw Hand-Dived  Scallop with  fennel, calamansi and juniper;  Seafood “Charcuterie”, a platter of smoked,  cured and marinated seafood like gravlaks, smoked scallops and cured hamachi tails; Selection of Sashimi, fishmonger’s  choice from  from  Tsujiki market  and the  North  Atlantic,  served on ice with house  made  ponzu  and  wasabi;  and  King  Crab  Legs served  with  mayonnaise,  dill  and lemon.


King  Crab  Legs served  with  mayonnaise,  dill  and lemon.


Open-face  “Smørrebrød” sandwiches, salads, and smoked  and  cured  fish  such as the  in-house  smoked  salmon


Salmon and Eggs


Raw Hand-Dived  Scallop with  fennel, calamansi and juniper



Langoustine,  a seared  tail  with  smoked  bone  marrow, confit  of  swede  and  crispy  kale


Arctic  Char,  lightly  torched,   cured in  Konbu


Potatoes and Vegetables Sides to go with the mains


Mains  not  to  be  missed  include  Langoustine,  a seared  tail  with  smoked  bone  marrow, confit  of  swede  and  crispy  kale;  and  Arctic  Char,  lightly  torched,   cured in  Konbu  and served with  cauliflower  purée,  wakame powder  and caviar. Sharing portions  for  minimum of  two  diners  include  Hot-Smoked   Greenland  Halibut   with  pearl  cous  cous,  roe  and horseradish  sauce; and FiSK’s “Plateau  de Mer”  (24-hour  advanced  order),  a table-filled seafood  feast of oysters, king crab, prawns, scallops, mussels and freshest catch from  the counter.



Uni Ice Cream  with  oat  crackers, hawthorn   berries  and  nori;


Cloudberry Mousse,  crystalised  chocolate   and  thyme

Complete your  meal with  delectable  desserts  such as Uni Ice Cream  with  oat  crackers, hawthorn   berries  and  nori;  and  Cloudberry Mousse,  crystalised  chocolate   and  thyme. There is also a “Chef’s  Choice”  set dinner  for  diners  wishing  to  ‘be  surprised’  by Chef Markus and his team’s artistic ingenuity.


Interiors & Inspirations: Capturing the Nordic eye

FiSK Seafoodbar  & Market  is housed within  a stand-alone egg-shaped  glass pod with floor-to- ceiling windows. Marrying  physical architecture with the spirit of the brand, the Modern Scandinavian-inspired  interior conceived  by hospitality design specialists, greymatters, embraces seafaring touches with a timeless quality  achieved through  warm tones and the use of rustic materials in a contemporary way. Colour helps unify the twin  functions  of dining  and retail  within  the space as well as play an evocative  role: blues to indicate  where the product comes from; and neutral tones depicting serenity, calm, and picturesque sophistication.


Form and material also serve to connect and symbolise: curvaceous lines mimic the movement of water, flow of the sea, and the meeting  of beach and ocean. The Market  area’s more glossy finishes  showcase  the  patina  and  accents  of  steel,  timber,   and  the  mosaic  feature   wall representing water fading into the sky. Meanwhile the Seafoodbar employs more subtle whitewashed oak flooring, white  marble  top  tables  and blue  leather  upholstered chairs and banquettes. Different woods  create layering  within  a controlled palette  and generate  variety, especially  within   the  horizontal   timber   fins  or  “binds” that  connect  the  seafoodbar   and market.  Nordic  imagery  – giant  king  crab  in the  Seafoodbar  and salmon farm  in fjord  and snow-capped  mountains  in the  Market  – strengthen the  oceanic  themes,  as do  the  hand- blown two-tone glass lamps inspired by the shapes of buoys at the Seafoodbar.


Circular lobster  cages flown in from a little  coastal island called Kvitsøy

Another  visual motif  is the contemporary lighting installation  featuring circular lobster  cages flown in from a little  coastal island called Kvitsøy – the lobster  capital in the Southwestern  part of  Norway  – that  are  marked  with  the  initials  of  the  local  fishermen.  And  in  addition to displaying  retail  items,  the  cabinets  also showcase a curated  selection  of  artefacts  brought back by CEO Frank Næsheim and the team, such as fish hooks, blocks of cork buoys, ropes and fishing nets.

The Seafoodbar  has a main dining  area with  seating  for  30 and a ‘live’  kitchen  that  seats another  14. A communal  retail  table  converts  into  a private  dining  space for  12 persons for after retail hours.


30 Stevens Road #01-01 Singapore 257840


General Enquiries



6732 0711





Operating Details


Monday: 11.30am – 7pm

Tuesday – Saturday:

11.30am – 4.30pm | 6pm – 10pm

Sunday: 11.30am – 7pm


Monday to Sunday: 10am – 7pm

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