MISATO at The Centrepoint Orchard – High Quality, Handcrafted Japanese Cuisine

Opened in January 2015 by founder and restaurateur Tony Young, Misato re-located from The Cathay to its current location in The Centrepoint in June 2017.



Misato is located at the revamped Gastro+ at The Centrepoint (right next to Honolulu), where you would need to walk towards the back of the mall on Level 1.

Ambience at Misato is clean, casual, minimalist, yet beautiful. With an eye for pleasant design, much thought has gone into the seating area. Warm overhead spotlights illuminate the casual modern wooden furnishings, while clean-looking, glossy artwork adorn the walls. Even more impressive, they’ve invested SGD $400,000 on cutlery and plating etc. We were told that the furniture were also custom made in Japan and shipped to Singapore.


Beautiful castle is actually plating for the different courses


Even the green tea is served in exquisite cup, so beautiful that you cannot stop admiring it while you sipped the tea.



Hot Green Tea

Premium Japanese green tea with roasted rice in a teapot. Very different from those served in a tea bag.


Match Ice Blended, Premium green tea powder with Hokkaido milk specially blended with shipped cream and azuki beans

Very refreshing, for those who prefer cold drinks.



Every piece is exquisite, elegant. There is good reason for using them too. Elevate the dining experience to another level.





As starter, we tried the Handmade Goyza, so crispy and the goyza stay in perfect shape. Its very well done, so many places over cooked it or put too much oil , but here it is done perfectly.


Beautiful plating does enhance your sight and taste buds, makes everything more delicious.


Next we tried the Seafood Kaminabe Set, Japanese hotpot with live tiger prawn, fresh Norwegian salmon, assorted mushrooms, toufu and vegetables simmered in delicious broth. The set includes a bowl of Japanese rice. The salmon and prawn so fresh you can still taste the sweetness.




A5 Ohmi Wagyu Hoba Miso Yaki

A5 Ohmi Wagyu is one of the top 3 best and most expensive beef in the world, (the other two being Kobe and Matsusaka Wagyu). Served with stellar ingredients from Japan comprising shitake and maitake mushrooms, ginkgo nuts, assorted nama fu and negi placed on hoba leaf cooked over charcoal with their secret miso mixture recipe.

This is a must try when you come to Misato. The Wagyu is so tender and juicy, try not to overcook it and leave it on the leaf for too long. The special miso mixture is perfect to pair with the wagyu and make sure you have a bowl of premium Japanese rice to go with it.



Japanese savoury pancake with cabbage, egg and pork belly

Another surprisingly good Japanese favourite, very few places outside Japan can do it perfectly, here at Misato they really nailed it. The crispy pork belly at the bottom hold the pan cake together, while the top is still soft and fluffy. Eat it while its hot but don’t burn your tongue.


Match Bavarois

Premium green tea French Pudding. Its wobbly when you shake it. Kids will have lots of fun with it. It tastes great too.


Sanshoku Warabi Mochi

Japanese mochi comprising of 3 flavours: goma, kinako and matcha. Perfect dessert to end the meal.

Overall the place is a gem, and the prices are very reasonable, I do recommend you try it out . Take note of the unit number and look for the restaurant toward the back part of The Centrepoint.


176 Orchard Road #01-33E The Centrepoint (Gastro+) Singapore 238843 (Somerset MRT)
Tel: +65 6235 2822
Opening Hours: 12:00pm – 10:00pm, Last Order 9:00pm (Mon – Sun)

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