Mitsu Sushi Bar | Good Quality Brand New Japanese restaurant at Duxton Road

Opened since the last quarter of 2017, Mitsu Sushi Bar is a rare gem along the busy Duxton Road area.


Passionate in delivering high quality Japanese cuisine, Mitsu Sushi Bar specializes in a variety of Japanese food and beverage menu.

Choose from exciting assortment of sushi, sashimi, donburi, agemono, yakimono, or simply relax in their nature inspired ambience to savor the delights of their Chef’s special omakase menu.


When you step in at the ground floor, you will find a long stretch of counter seats. You get the front row seat and watch while chef serve each course.


Alternatively guests could go up second floor. There are several private rooms available for different party size.


We prefer to go for the counter seats on ground floor, where we could experience an interaction with their sushi Chef. We could also admire their skillful creations at the sushi bar.



Chef Jacky Foong



Chef Matsuyasu Tatsuro

Mitsu Sushi Bat presents Omakase-style dining concept under the director of Chef Matsuyasu Tatsuro. Fresh seafood and produce in small batches are shipped in five times a week from three of Japan most well know market: Tsukiji,  Kyushu and Hokkaido; ensuring optimum freshness and the best selection of fish.

Chef Matsuyasu Tatsuro is a native of Fukuoka Japan, he started cooking when he was just eleven years old. He cited his master Mitsuhiro Yamaga as his source of inspiration and says he is driven by the philosophy that “the simplest task is often the most important” in sushi making.




mitsu sushi menu

Mitsu Sushi Bar Menu

To start off, we get special appetizer consists of fresh squid, tomato, tamago, pickled puffer fish.


Next as part of Chef Recommendation menu, chef prepared for us flounder fish sashimi. What is unique about the sashimi is the slice is so thin you can see through the sashimi. It really demonstrate the skill of the sushi chef. The thin slice of sashimi also presents a different taste compare to thinker slice.


The flounder fish goes very well with some yuzi sauce.

Next is Selected Sashimi platter as art of the Omakase menu



Otoro is the most desired part of the tuna belly that usually doesn’t get a price on any sushi house menus


Salmon belly


Aji no Sashimi Horse Mackerel Sashimi


Botan Ebi (Prawn)

Typically, the best botan ebi is found either in Hokkaido or in Toyama Bay on the west side of Honshu. It features a really wonderful, delectable texture and incredibly sweet flavor.


Hokkaido Scallop

Don’t leave the scallop on the shell and cook for too long, it will turn hard. Eat it while its not overcooked. Be careful of the hot shell. This is one of the hot dish of the Omakase menu.


Next up are various sushi.


Sweet Prawn, Amaebi

Amaebi, or spot prawns, are cold water northern shrimp known and named for their sweet taste. They are best enjoyed raw, as cooking them will rob them of their full sweetness.


Seared Otoro Tuna (Aburi Otoro)



Torched salmon Aburi Salmon


Aburi mackerel


Grilled anago (sea eel)


Green Tea Ice cream and Yuzi Ice Cream.

On the whole, Mitsu Sushi Bar is highly recommended for their fresh ingredients from Japan, delicious Omakase menu, experienced Sushi Chef and reasonable prices. You don’t have to fly to Japan for authentic sushi / sashimi.


Mitsu Sushi Bar

21 Duxton Road

Call 6221 0888

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