This January, ION Art gallery kicks off the New Year with two exhibitions featuring young and emerging artists in Singapore, on an array of themes such as materiality, life, death, identity and women in society. Both exhibitions are supported by ION Art in their commitment to bring quality art programming to ION Orchard and showcase the creative works of emerging local artists.

Waning, Waxing (5 – 14 January) 
features 22 young Singaporean artists of different backgrounds and practices. The art works are creatively expressed through various forms of medium such as videos, photographs, sculptures, glass art, brass, canvas and 360 virtual reality illustrations. The works reflect themes of constant change and fluctuation through the eyes of the young artists, and provides a unique reflection on how they grapple with living in a place of continuous transformation while coming into their own. Six of the artists will also be giving talks on their experiences and art philosophy, with three of them conducting demonstrations to share more about their creative art-making process.

 Aini Azidah_100DaysEyebrows



All In Her Day’s Work (17 – 28 January) examines the different types of pressures that have been placed on women’s bodies and the performativity of gender through a photography series in a documentary storytelling style. Even though Singapore is known as a well-developed market economy, thriving on meritocracy and competitiveness, there remains certain sectors which emplace traditional expectations of how women should appear, speak and act. Commissioned by M1 Fringe Festival 2018, the solo exhibition by Singaporean-Chinese documentary photographer and artist, Charmaine Poh, explores the different narratives from working women, opening up new perspectives of what “ideal beauty” means to them.

 Lily, beauty trainer - 01



Event information



Presented by



5 – 14 January

Waning, Waxing

22 Independent, emerging Singaporean artists (art students and educators)

ION Art gallery, Level 4

10.00am – 10.00pm

17 – 28 January

All In Her Day’s Work

Charmaine Poh, commissioned by the M1 Singapore Fringe Festival


ION Art is a unique proposition of ION Orchard, bringing to the landmark mall an ‘integrated mall experience’, featuring the best in shopping, dining, art and design from the world over. The structured art and design programme, which is focused on the exhibition of modern and contemporary art and design, offers ION Orchard’s visitors an opportunity to savour a diverse range of visual arts, including multi-media and digital art. The initiative includes permanent signature sculptural and media installations positioned throughout the mall, as well as a spectrum of art-based events and exhibitions held throughout the year in the ION Art gallery, and at other locations in the mall. Through collaborations with the art community and other strategic partners, ION Art is committed to bringing quality art programming for ION Orchard, to showcase emerging and established artists and designers, focusing on Asian artists and designers at various stages of their creative development.

Admission to the ION Art gallery is free.

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