Elixir Bar unveils a multi-sensorial, alchemy- themed cocktail menu designed by new Head Mixologist, Vladyslav Buzko.

exilr bar


Elixir Bar, a part of multi-concept space KUVO, first opened in December 2014. One of the earlier cocktail bars to open in the heart of Orchard Road, Elixir Bar made a name for itself with daring renditions of the Prawn Noodle and Blue Cheese cocktails that left fans craving for more. After three years, the 40-seater bar is ready to excite cocktail lovers once again. This time, with an alchemy- themed cocktail menu conceptualised by newly appointed Head Mixologist, Vladyslav Buzko.

The menu consists of ten ‘Elixirs’, split into five categories – Happiness, Beauty, Life, Luck, and Courage. Playing on the element of fantasy, Vladyslav gives ingredients names such as “Heart of Swan” and “Slime of Snail”, leaving cocktail fans to decipher his concoctions with the help of a legend that is included in the menu.

“I was inspired by the name of the bar, Elixir, to come up with something that would capture the imaginations and palates of cocktail lovers. With our cocktails, I want guests to rediscover the joys of curiosity and the wonderment of fantasy,” shares Vladyslav.


24-year-old Vladyslav Buzko is a young talent to watch in the world of bartending. Since 2016, he has participated in competitions such as the Marie Brizard UAE Cocktail Championship, Monin Cup 2016 UAE and Chivas Master 2017, emerging as one of the final contenders in all three competitions.

Vladyslav’s experience spans across prestigious establishments such as The St. Regis Doha and Four Seasons Hotel Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC). It was at the latter where Vladyslav conceptualised his first cocktail menu for Luna Sky Bar. The bar would go on to be awarded “Most Recommended Bar in Dubai” by Timeout Dubai.

“The world-class hospitality that we were instilled to provide at these 5-star properties is something that I will advocate wherever I go. Hospitality is about making each guest feel good, and I hope that I can mark the start of those ‘feel good moments’ through the cocktails that I make,” shares Vladyslav.


The menu starts off with the Elixir of Happiness section, which, as its name suggests, rests on the theme of everlasting happiness. Inspired by the classic love potion which has existed throughout centuries of pop culture and fairy tales, The Love Potion ($24++) is a sweet and sour cocktail that consists of flavoured vodka, Midori, Drooling of Ant (lime juice), Sun Juice (orange juice), Vanishing Potion (a secret recipe of barrel aged mixture) and Worm (jelly worm soft candy). The drink is topped with an oyster shell that holds a jelly made of aperol and peach.


According to legend, the Elixir of Beauty is the secret to eternal beauty. One of the cocktails under this section is Aphrodite’s Secret ($23++), a creation inspired by the mythological Ancient Greek goddess of love and beauty. The gin-based drink is served with Heart of Swan (strawberry), Chambord, Slime of Snail (egg white), Drooling of Ant (lime juice), Sweet Syrup (simple syrup) and topped with Roses of Oblivion (dried rose petals) for an enchanting floral scent.


Possibly one of the most familiar mystical potions, the Elixir of Life section of cocktails are inspired by the secrets of eternal life. The Elixir of Immortality ($24++) is a sweet cocktail, created to resemble ‘ambrosia’, the food of the gods in Ancient Greek mythology. Comprising of Unicorn Blood (a secret recipe of barrel aged mixture), Bourbon Whisky, Angostura, Seeds of Longevity (cloves), Berry of Rage (raspberries) and Sweet Syrup (simple syrup), the drink is served in a special goblet. Vladyslav will then pour a layer of rum over it and light up in fiery fashion. Another drink under the section is the Anubis Potion ($26++), a cocktail inspired by the iconic Ancient Egyptian god of the afterlife. Served in an Anubis goblet, the concoction consists of Ashes of God (chocolate powder), Monkey Shoulder, Galliano Ristretto, Sweet Syrup (simple syrup), Jackal Blood (cranberry) and Chocolate Bitters.


Under the Elixir of Luck section, guests can try the 777 ($22++), a cocktail named after a number widely known to be the epitome of luck. The drink consists of Rum, Banana Liqueur, Marzipan and Dragon Fruit Juice (pineapple).

The other lucky option, named after the Ancient Greek goddess of fortune, is Tykhe ($22++) – made with a blend of Tequila, Aperol, Drooling of Ant (lime juice), Tears of Happiness (passionfruit syrup) and Grain of Time (passionfruit).


The final section of the menu is the Elixir of Courage, with Jupiter ($26++) as one of the standouts. Named after the Ancient Roman king of the gods, Jupiter is the strongest tasting drink on the entire menu, with a mix of sweet, salty and complex flavour profiles. The concoction consists of a mix of Cognac, Dom Benedictine, Hummingbird Eggs (black caviar), Meteorite (cheese) and Perpetual Glue (caramel).

For discerning drinkers who prefer to stick to the classics, Vladyslav also has a menu of essential classic cocktails priced from $21++, that showcases concoctions such as the Elixirs Old Fashion (Makers Mark, Angostura, Orange Bitters, Elixir Homemade Syrup), Mai Tai (Rum, Cointreau, Orgeat, Lime) and Negroni (Gin, Campari, Rosso Vermouth).


For more information, go to www.kuvo.com.sg.

Address:  Orchard Shopping Centre, #02-01, 321 Orchard Road, Singapore 238866

For Reservations:            +65 6733 8272 or email reservation@kuvo.com.sg

Seating Capacity:            40

Opening Hours:               Sunday to Thursday & P.H : 5pm to 1am

Friday, Saturday & Eve of P.H: 5pm to 2am

Head Mixologist:              Vladyslav Buzko

Facebook:                       www.facebook.com/KUVOSingapore

Website:                          Kuvo.com.sg/elixir-bar/

Payment:                         Cash / Amex / Visa / MasterCard

Hashtags:                        #ELIXIRBAR #ELIXIRBARSG

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