Must Visit in Singapore: Love The Last March longest sculpture in the world At Gardens By The Bay

Love The Last March - Real Life Shots 6

On National Endangered Species Day 2023 (19th May) Singapore welcomes Love The Last March, the longest sculpture in the world at the acclaimed horticultural attraction Gardens by the Bay. The first edition of a global exhibition, this sculpture is sharing the message of the wildlife extinction crisis that is gripping the globe.

A total of 45 of the world’s most endangered species led by a great mountain gorilla, will be marching together depicting the greatest animal march on Planet Earth. It aims to bring awareness to the massive rate of wildlife extinction and to help save the animal kingdom. It will be exhibited in Gardens by the Bay from 19 May 2023 until 18 May 2024.

From internationally renowned public sculpture artists Gillie and Marc, Love The Last March is breaking barriers, both for their own careers and on the global stage.

Known for their monumental sculptures to promote conservation such as The Last Three for the Northern white rhino and The Orphans for African elephants, Gillie and Marc have taken things up a notch.

With a little helping hand from technology, Love The Last March is an immersive experience that anyone can experience. With the use of AR, the animals come to life and start marching after being triggered by a QR code.

“We believe that nobody will care about something they have never experienced. So our public sculptures are designed to give them an unforgettable experience with wildlife. By creating a hyper-realistic sculpture they can touch and study up close, combined with all the facts about the animal, we create a connection they may never have made. And with that intimate personal connection buds the beginnings of a conservationist,” Marc explains.

“Extinction can often be a silent event, particularly for those of us living in urban environments, far removed from wildlife. We knew that we had to do something really big to show how important this was. This issue deserves the largest sculpture in the world,” shares Gillie.

“Conservation has reached a crisis point. Thousands of species of animals are being pushed towards extinction every single day. And this is not just sad, it will affect all of humanity,” explains Marc. “This issue deserves the biggest noise to be made. It needs the biggest sculpture to help to raise awareness and get the world on board.”

“We wanted to show that it is not only possible to share the world with animals, but that it’s also a beautiful thing too. Wouldn’t it be incredible if we were treated to wild animal sightings in our backyards?” explains Gillie. “Singapore is a living example of that already. Now we need to go further.”

Partnering with WWF-Singapore (World Wide Fund for Nature Singapore), the public has been given a chance to directly donate to the iconic organisation, helping them to make a difference for real animals.

Love The Last March will be exhibited in Singapore’s Gardens by the Bay (near Floral Clock) from 19 May 2023 until 18 May 2024. Admission is free for the public.

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