Vinexpo Asia 2023


From 23 to 25 May, Vinexposium is making its major comeback in Asia with Vinexpo Asia in Singapore. At the very heart of the event are the prestigious features hosted by the Vinexpo Academy, the educational programme designed for professionals.  Renowned for the excellent quality of its contents, Vinexpo Academy will this year be providing a world-class programme placed under the patronage of the Organisation of Vine and Wine (OIV). Driven by a variety of formats and hosted by experts from across the globe, the quality of speakers at the Vinexpo Academy, including Raimonds Tomsons, 2023 Best Sommelier of the World, makes it a highly anticipated feature. 


From masterclasses, conferences and major tastings to the Battle of the Sommeliers, multiple formats will be setting the tempo for the Vinexpo Academy during the three-day exhibition. Forty sessions are scheduled so that attendees can learn, taste, discuss and gain inspiration.


The masterclasses and conferences scheduled include:

  • A conference presented by Professor Junghoon Moon on consumer trends for beverage alcohol in Korea in 2023, aimed at turning the spotlight on Korea, an emerging wine consumer country;
  • The conference Hong Kong: Asia’s wine hub presented by Rob Temple, General Manager at the Asian Wine Service & Education Centre and Managing Director of Sinowine, with a post-Covid review of the Hong Kong wine market and Hong Kong’s continuing importance as a hub for the wine industry in Asia.
  • A masterclass with Eddie Nara, spirits educator and consultant on the rebirth of Irish whiskey;
  • Masterclasses hosted by the Wine and Spirit Education Trust (WSET): for the first time in Asia in 2023, the WSET is offering to provide educational guidance for wine and spirits professionals;
  • The iconic masterclass hosted by Wines of Australia;
  • Masterclasses by Catena Zapata, Austrian Wine, Sakura Awards, Les Domaines Barons de Rothschild (Lafite) Distribution, Riedel and many, many more!


The United States, country of honour at Vinexpo Asia 2023


Vinexpo Academy will be dedicating a series of 6 masterclasses to the USA, the country of honour at the 2023 exhibition. 

The 6 masterclasses by the California Wine Institute (CWI) will focus on LodiRed, the red wine from California; new trends and sustainability; the Chardonnay grape variety in California; grape varieties and styles of wine from the Napa Valley; the history of Californian wines; and the discovery of Sonoma County.  

They will be presented by Evan Goldstein, the famous author of the Master Sommelier, and American wine writer Elaine Chukan Brown.

The quality of the programme also stems from the prominent international experts presenting the events. These extremely knowledgeable personalities include:

  • Janice Chi, Master Sake Sommelier, will curate a masterclass on Japanese sake;
  • Jennifer Docherty MW, Master of Wine, SSI Master of Sake award recipient and WSET level 3 sake, will be presenting a conference and a blind tasting;
  • Eddie Nara, spirits critic, educator & consultant who chairs many international spirits and cocktail competitions;
  • Richard Hemming MW, wine author, educator and consultant will be presenting a conference on the Master of Wine diploma and how to pass it; and many, many more!


Hosted by Vinexposium, these unique events will complement and enhance the Vinexpo Academy programme of features, conferences and masterclasses. Among these outstanding highlights, noteworthy features include:

  • The Vinexpo Challenge, in conjunction with the ASI (International Sommelier Association), will have the honour of being presented by Raimonds Tomsons, recently crowned as the 2023 Best Sommelier of the World. For one hour, participants will be invited to test their knowledge and get a preview of some exceptional wines with the chance to win prizes.
  • The Battle of the Sommeliers for the first time in Singapore with Mason Ng (2022 ASI Best Sommelier of Asia & Oceania), Chuan Ann (Malaysian semi-finalist of the Best Sommelier of the World competition) and Le Hoang Khanh Vi (Best Female Sommelier of Vietnam, also ranked as Asia’s Best Female Sommelier at the 2023 Best Sommelier of the World competition).
  • The Mixologists on the Future of Spirits panel discussion: the debate will bring together five prominent international mixologists to provide visitors with expert content about the present and future of mixology and spirits in Asia. Their varied and insightful viewpoints will allow attendees to take stock of the current situation, future trends, the challenges facing the world of spirits, and the direction it is heading in.
  • The Empowering Women in Wine and Spirits panel discussion about influential women in the industry, with Nimmi Malhotra (Wine Communicator), Janice Chi (Master Sake Sommelier), Crystalla Huang (Brewmaster), and Francesca Martin (Founding Partner at Nimbility).



Vinexposium offers a cohesive focal point for every strand of the wine and spirits industry by designing a variety of relevant event formats, all year round and across the globe. By bringing together exhibitors and visitors at 10 events a year, and its community every day of the year at, Vinexposium is the industry’s ally, geared to developing its sales reach.

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