Mandala Club X Amaya Ventures INDIAN ACCENT Review

Ghee roast mutton boti, roomali roti pancakes, chutneysPathar Beef Kebab, Garlic Chips, Bone Marrow NihariDoodh Jalebikanyakumari crab, sago pongaldoda burfi treacle tart, caramelized milk ice-creamsmoked eggplant, maple papdi ; churan ka karela, puffed rice crackerdoodh jalebi ; pista ki laujHundred-layer-paneer,-tamatar-chaman,-kohlrabiMeetha achaar pork spare ribsMorel, gobindobhog and mushroom payesh, truffleIndian Accent - wine image

If you are looking for a culinary adventure that will take you on a journey through India’s diverse and delicious flavours, look no further than Mandala Masters’ latest residency featuring Indian Accent, the multi-award-winning restaurant from New Delhi. From 9 to 25 May 2023, you can experience the inventive and creative dishes of Chef Manish Mehrotra and Chef Shantanu Mehrotra at Singapore’s premier private members’ club, Mandala Club

Indian Accent is renowned for its cutting-edge take on Indian cuisine, blending traditional flavours with contemporary techniques and global influences. The restaurant is ranked the 19th best restaurant in Asia on the Asia’s 50 Best list, and has been recognised by TIME Magazine as one of the ‘World’s 100 Greatest Places’

For this exclusive two-week residency, you can choose from a 4-, 7- or 9-course menu starting at $188++ for lunch and $238++ for dinner. Each course is a masterpiece of taste, texture and presentation, showcasing the chefs’ mastery of Indian cuisine.

The 9-course non-vegetarian menu features some of the highlights of Indian Accent’s signature dishes, such as:

  • Aloo tikki chaat – a crispy potato patty topped with tangy chutneys and yogurt
  • Churan ka karela – a bitter gourd stuffed with sweet and sour spices
  • Puffed rice cracker – a light and crunchy snack with mint and tamarind sauces
  • Phuchka – a hollow wheat ball filled with potato, chickpeas and five different flavoured waters
  • Morel – a rare mushroom cooked with gobindobhog rice (a fragrant variety from West Bengal) and mushroom payesh (a creamy rice pudding), served with truffle shavings
  • Meetha achaar pork spare ribs – tender pork ribs glazed with sweet pickle sauce, accompanied by green mango rice
  • Kanyakumari crab – fresh crab meat cooked with sago pongal (a savoury porridge made with pearl sago and lentils), topped with caviar
  • Wagyu pathar kebab – thinly sliced wagyu beef marinated in spices and cooked on a hot stone, served with bone marrow nihari (a rich stew) and lily buds
  • Butter chicken kulcha – a mini bread stuffed with butter chicken filling
  • Black dairy dal – a slow-cooked black lentil dish with cream and butter
  • Wasabi and kakdi raita – a refreshing yogurt dip with cucumber and wasabi
  • “Doodh jalebi” Indian Accent – a twist on the classic dessert of deep-fried flour spirals soaked in sugar syrup, served with milk foam and pistachio dust
  • Pista ki lauj – a melt-in-your-mouth pistachio fudge
  • Doda burfi treacle tart – a fusion of the Indian milk-based confection and the British pastry, topped with caramelised milk ice cream

You can also opt for some supplements to enhance your dining experience, such as:

  • Uni, bakarkhani, saffron butter – sea urchin roe served with a flaky bread and saffron-infused butter
  • Add caviar to sago pongal – extra caviar for more indulgence

To complement the exquisite food, you can also enjoy the craft cocktails and unique infusions curated by Varun Sharma, Head of Bars at EHV International. Alternatively, you can choose from the extensive wine list developed by Kevin Rodrigues, Head of Wines at EHV International, to pair with the distinct flavours of each dish.

Mandala Masters x Indian Accent is a rare opportunity to savour the best of modern Indian cuisine in Singapore. Don’t miss this chance to book your table at Mandala Club and treat yourself to an unforgettable gastronomic experience.

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