Watch Investment Advisory Firm, FutureGrail, Opened in Singapore


FutureGrail, the premier investment advisory firm for high-end watches, opened its doors in Singapore on April 26th. This is great news for watch collectors and investors who are looking for expert advice and guidance in this new and increasingly popular alternative asset class. The company offers a wide range of services, including traditional and on-chain fractionalised auctions of high-end timepieces, tax-free storage vaults, and a watch museum featuring over 200 rare and historically significant watches.

The company’s founders, Ali Nael and Mohsin Rizvi, are renowned watch collectors and investors who have a deep understanding of the watch market. They have teamed up with horology historian Arnaud Tellier, the former head of the Patek Philippe Museum, to curate the Watch Museum and provide expert guidance to clients. With their combined expertise and experience, FutureGrail is well-positioned to become the go-to destination for watch collectors and investors.

One of the most exciting offerings from FutureGrail is the world’s first online fractionalised auction of high-end timepieces. This innovative approach allows investors to buy and sell fractions of valuable watches, making it easier to invest in the watch market. With both traditional and on-chain fractionalised watches available, this auction promises to be a game-changer for the industry.

Another highlight of FutureGrail’s offerings is its Watch Museum. With over 200 rare and historically significant timepieces on display, this museum is a must-visit destination for watch enthusiasts. Visitors can explore the fascinating history and evolution of high-end watches, and the immersive and luxurious setting is sure to inspire and deepen their knowledge of horology.

FutureGrail’s tax-free storage vaults are designed to accommodate and safeguard the world’s rarest collections. The vaults offer unparalleled security measures, including round-the-clock surveillance, advanced access controls, and full insurance coverage. Collectors and investors can rest assured that their collections are in safe hands with FutureGrail and global security experts Malca-Amit.

To celebrate the opening of its new location, FutureGrail is hosting a three-day launch event from April 26-28. The event will feature exclusive VIP and media days, guided tours of the facility and watch museum, informative talks on the investment landscape for high-end watches, and a cocktail reception. The following two days will be open to the public via online registration, providing visitors with the opportunity to explore the rare collection of timepieces on display, interact with industry experts, and discover FutureGrail’s innovative suite of solutions.

In conclusion, FutureGrail is an exciting addition to the watch market, offering various innovative and expert services for watch collectors and investors. With their world’s first online fractionalised auction of high-end timepieces, Watch Museum, and tax-free storage vaults, FutureGrail will surely become a leading destination for anyone interested in this alternative asset class.

Those interested in attending can register to visit the facility and museum online at

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