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(L-R) The Namiki Yukari Pigeon & Persimmon, Tropical Fish and Wave & Plover Fountain Pens

Following the sell-out of the highly anticipated Namiki Limited Edition Ginkgo fountain pen in April, luxury Japanese pen maker, Namiki, reintroduce its exquisite collection of Yukari fountain pens for discerning collectors.

Individually hand-crafted by master Japanese artisans, the collection features designs with deeply poetic takes on the wondrous gifts from Mother Nature. The designs on these masterpieces are no longer in production, and with only limited pieces remaining globally, they are set to take their rightful place as coveted and highly prized collector’s items.

Created using the Togidashi Maki-e (Burnished Maki-e) technique, the main design is first created on each Namiki Yukari pen. The body is then completely covered with Urushi lacquer, and after drying, the final design is revealed by burnishing the lacquer with charcoal – unveiling a flawless work of art that speaks to the culmination of centuries old tradition and craftsmanship.

The Namiki Yukari Pigeon & Persimmon Fountain Pen

An elegant pen for the true collector – the pigeon symbolises one’s determination and ability to overcome obstacles. Pigeons are also connected to the meaningful symbol of house and home. Vibrant orange persimmons, most commonly associated with good luck and longevity, feature prominently on the pen body.

The Namiki Yukari Tropical Fish Fountain Pen

Taking inspiration from azure blue waters and its inhabitants, the lively tropical fish artwork depicted on this pen features the mesmerising Angel Fish. Gold dust is sprinkled in abundance over the barrel of the pen, captivating even the most seasoned of luxury pen aficionados.

The Namiki Yukari Wave & Plover Fountain Pen

Serene, exquisite and altogether marvellous – the artwork on the Wave & Plover is a breathtakingly expansive sight to behold. Featuring Plovers gracefully in flight above waves, depicted beautifully against a pine tree growing out of a rock, one is at once transported to the beautiful coasts of Japan. The sequence of three birds on the cap also gives the impression of motion – a deft touch by a true master artisan.

The Namiki Yukari Fountain Pens are each exquisitely presented in a wooden gift box that comes complete with a bottle of ink.

The collection is available at Namiki dealers in Singapore.

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