RISIS Introduces Refreshed Look and Brand Direction

RISIS RE-MIX into New Beginnings Paying Homage to Nature and Culture with Collaborations to Re-imagine its Iconic Orchid Series and Launch of its Spring/Summer 2022 Collection

RISIS RE-MIX into new beginnings as a brand for every woman’s style for every day with the re-invention of its Iconic Orchids collections and launch of its first bi-annual seasonal collections for Spring/Summer 2022. For over 40 years, the brand has been renowned for its Natural Jewellery and Objects of superior quality 24K gold-plating and artisanal designs of immaculate hand-craftsmanship that make remarkable gifts and memorabilia to commemorate Singapore. This April, the proud Singaporean brand is turning a chapter with updated contemporary jewellery and objects that complement the everyday styles of Singaporean women and women from around the world.

The masterfully designed and handcrafted symbols of elegance are unified in their celebration and immortalisation of Nature and Cultures of Singapore and Asia. Taking its cue from the fashion seasons, each piece conjures cherished and meaningful moments for the feminine, glamorous, sophisticated, and adventurous women of today.

RISIS’ Iconic Orchids Collections

More than just gifts of nature, RISIS’ Orchids signify the style and character of the contemporary woman. Initiating their new direction, RISIS introduces a capsule collection that breathes new life into the Iconic Orchids Collections created in partnership with local designers. Each RISIS Natural Orchid Jewellery is re-developed to symbolise the faceted personality and style profiles of women in Singapore and around the world. The Phalaenopsis Cornu Cervi Orchid embodies the spirit of creativity and adventure, the Vanda Limbata Orchid radiates sophistication, the Vanda Miss Joaquim Orchid exalts femininity, while the Ascocenda Sagarik Orchid exudes glamour.

Inspired by the four RISIS Orchid personalities, the RISIS’ Iconic Orchids capsule collection is refashioned into stylish embellishments of nature and culture by Sylvia Lim, founder-designer of Triologie, Goh Ling Ling, founder-designer of her eponymous label Lingwu, Elyn Wong, founder-designer of Stolen and famed local designer, Lai Chan.

RISIS X TRIOLOGIE_ Iconic Phalaenopsis Cornu Cervi Orchid Collection

RISIS X TRIOLOGIE: Iconic Phalaenopsis Cornu Cervi Orchid Collection

Adventure with A Tale of Singapore Culture Expressed Through Prints

Sylvia Lim, founder-designer of local womenswear label Triologie, finds inspiration in the joys of wanderlust and local scenescapes. Sylvia and RISIS align in their devotion to telling Singapore stories and preserving a piece of the nation’s history and culture. Her personable and tongue-in-cheek approach is meant for the modern woman who is adventurous and seeks to enrich her life with fresh experiences. It is this spirit for New Adventures that Triologie brings to the revitalisation of the RISIS’ Iconic Phalaenopsis Cornu Cervi Orchid Collection.

RISIS’ Iconic Phalaenopsis Cornu Cervi Orchid springs to life with the adventurous re-interpretation of Peranakan culture’s design influence and style tradition.  The three-piece collection artfully incorporates the Peranakan style tradition in the signature “Kerongsang-inspired” brooch, long necklace with Aceh belt influence and audacious statement ring. Inspired by the vision of the Singapore flag with its five stars on the orchid’s five dark red petals and white lip, Singapore’s five core values of democracy, peace, progress, justice and equality are manifested in handcrafted five-petal chains specially designed for this collection. Known for translating elements of Peranakan culture into iconic motifs on fabric, this artistry is now extrapolated in 3-Dimensional metal artworks, making this collection a meaningful work of fashion art.

RISIS X Lingwu_ Iconic Vanda Limbata Orchid Collection

RISIS X LINGWU: Iconic Vanda Limbata Orchid Collection

The Sophistication of New Meaning, New Perspectives and New Aesthetics

Lingwu is a world-renowned bag label from Singapore synonymous with a timeless sophistication that is meaningful and purposeful. Founder-designer Ling’s creations reflect her connectedness to the world – supporting and expressing its history, diversity and future. She brings the effortless refinement of contemporary aesthetics, functional designs and intellectual narratives to the revitalisation of RISIS’ Iconic Vanda Limbata Orchid collection.

Drawing inspiration from two sources in this creation, a compass and a Victorian men’s pocket watch, Ling shines the Iconic Vanda Limbata Orchid in a new light to materialise the Compass of Life Medallion. This meaningful construct merges the purpose of the compass in providing direction, and the Victorian men’s pocket watch which offers the dual function of timekeeping and everyday styling. With the orchid as the guiding needle on the medallion, it is in this alchemy of insightful creativity and modern aesthetics that defines a New Sophistication for women today.

In this collection, timeless inspirations of the past are thoughtfully modelled into the signature long necklace, elegant short necklace, and bold statement ring – set with the guiding needle of Vanda Limbata Orchid in 24K gold.

RISIS X Stolen_ Iconic Vanda Miss Joaquim Orchid Collection

RISIS X STOLEN: Iconic Vanda Miss Joaquim Orchid Collection

The New Feminine – Marrying Strength of Structured Forms with Sensuality

Stolen’s archetypal style, combined with structured silhouettes and palettes, blurs the line between fashion and art to accentuate the sensuality and strength of the modern women. Constantly pushing the boundaries of the fashion world to bring forth new creations with artists and craftsmen outside the realm of the industry. The New Feminine that Stolen embodies is the power that redefines RISIS’ Iconic Vanda Miss Joaquim Orchid Collection.

Founder-designer Elyn Wong was propelled to articulate the delicate yet resilient beauty of the Vanda Miss Joaquim through her minimalist, fluid, and elegant style while upholding her vision to liberate women who seek authenticity in expression through her design. Marrying the diverse styles and its transformability allows women with different style preferences to find her expression in each creation. Stolen delivers its promise – an ode to feminine allure in all its strength and grace – in this revitalisation of the Iconic Orchids Collections.

In this collection, the sophisticated Orchid blooms with a new life in the avant-garde design of Art Deco geometric lines and shapes – birthing the transformable signature necklace, intricate ear cuff, and cascading statement brooch with the RISIS’ Vanda Miss Joaquim Orchid taking centerstage.

RISIS X LAICHAN_ Iconic Ascocenda Sagarik Orchid Collection

RISIS X LAICHAN: Iconic Ascocenda Sagarik Orchid Collection

The Glamour of Intricacies and Details

Local esteemed designer Lai Chan believes that style and fashion reflects the character of a culture and country. Inspired by his childhood memory of beautiful latticework of orchids blooming in his home garden, he translates the exquisite beauty of the luxurious clusters of vibrant Ascocenda Sagarik orchid blooms into the glamorous RISIS’ Iconic Ascocenda Sagarik Orchids collection.

Infusing culture and nature into timeless everyday styles, the RISIS’ Iconic Ascocenda Sagarik Orchid is reinvigorated with New Glamour in Lai Chan’s signature understated allure, flair for glamour and whimsical imagination. The three-piece collection that includes a dress, a bangle and a ring, is realised through the artful amalgamation of nature’s intricacies and immaculate attention to details presented in a splendorous tapestry of alluring flora.

Spring/Summer 2022 Collection – The Botanique

RISIS introduces a new approach to merge fashion, art, and nature with its Spring/Summer 2022 Collections – the Botanique.

Inspired by the buzz of life in the Botanic Gardens, home of the National Orchid Garden that boasts the cultivation of the world’s largest orchid collection, the Botanique features a diverse depiction of the architecture, birds, dragonflies, and butterflies vividly depicted in a five-piece collection. A first for the brand, each piece in this collection boasts different accents instead of a single unifying motif. This allows the pieces to shine as exceptional individual embellishments but at the same time draw even more meaning as a whole. The Botanique collection symbolises the entire ecosystem of style and craftsmanship – drawing inspiration from nature at Botanic Gardens and encapsulating national pride.

This collection brings a touch of nature with its unique ring, statement necklaces, and an elegant set of transformable and interchangeable dragonfly earrings and Water Lily Ear Cuff.

Advocating Sustainability

Ensuring that its processes uphold the highest standards of sustainability, RISIS recognises this responsibility and is committed to be respectful of nature and protective of the environment. From its production facilities to its iconic processes, the brand aligns its business strategies and sustainability efforts to engage in long-term environmental practices that ensures the well-being of its customers and employees.

RISIS employs circular processes that utilise a cyanide-free gold bath which includes recycled gold taken from rejected pieces in order to reduce wastage. The wastewater treatment system in the production house also effectively treats wastewater to make certain that zero pollution is released into the public water system, and RISIS also manages air pollution by treating all harmful gases and pollutants. Keeping sustainability at the heart of everything the brand does, RISIS have obtained qualified and licensed operators for any treatment of waste from its premises.

RISIS’ Spring/Summer 2022 Collections will be available at RISIS Gardens Shops at Botanic Garden and online at risis.com from April 21, 2022. The collections will be available at all other RISIS boutiques from 22 April 2022.

Visit RISIS’ flagship boutique at ION Orchard, 2 Orchard Turn, RISIS #B1-13, Singapore 238801. RISIS will be open Monday to Sunday, from 11:00 AM to 9:00 PM.

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