Since launching in 2000 in Japan, ALLIE has evolved into a sunscreen brand that enhances beauty while continually improving its formula to provide increased protection against UV rays. On a mission that aligns with the growing threat of global warming, ALLIE creates a new vision “Sustaining Your Beauty & The World’s” through its latest star product, the ALLIE CHRONO BEAUTY GEL UV EX.

ALLIE CHRONO BEAUTY GEL UV EX protects from harmful UV rays by providing a wear-resistant protective film over the skin. Even when staying home, it provides the necessary prevention and protection for skin against sunlight from windows. It is extremely important to identify the most suitable sunscreen for your skin type as it also helps improve skin health. ALLIE’s wide range of multitasking sunscreens provides added benefits which include beauty serums and evening skin tone with a comfortable texture. It is incredibly useful and time-effective for both men and women on the go.

ALLIE’s newest hero product is the ALLIE CHRONO BEAUTY GEL UV EX; a smooth gel textured sunscreen that is resistant to sweat, water, and friction. The new and improved formula provides a moisturizing finish that lasts for hours without leaving a sticky residue. Colorant-free and unscented, it is suitable for usage on both the face and body giving a light and fresh finish on the skin with a lustrous allure.

ALLIE Chrono Beauty Gel UV EX Finish

With the protection of SPF50+ PA++++, it powerfully blocks out UV rays, does not rub off onto masks or towels but is easily removed with facial cleansers and body soap. Additionally, it can be used as a hydrating makeup base as it contains moisturizing ingredients such as sodium hyaluronate, leaving the skin with a beautiful, lasting glow.

ALLIE has additionally reformulated all their products to be beach friendly, in light of the deterioration of the Earth’s ocean life. And with a new product design, ALLIE pledges to be environmentally friendly.

ALLIE's NEW Formulation

The new formula forms a lattice-like, water-film network with a skin-flattering finish and non-sticky texture, even preventing debris, dust, PM2.5, pollen, and other fine particles from sticking to the skin.

ALLIE's New Formulation 2.0

ALLIE Chrono Beauty Tone Up UV

For individuals looking to brighten their skin tone to make an impression, ALLIE CHRONO BEAUTY TONE UP UV is a suitable option for the face and body. It is a tone-enhancing UV product that brightens complexion, blurs dullness, and evens out skin tone, providing a radiance that lasts

ALLIE Chrono Beauty Color Tuning UV

For more outdoor usage, ALLIE CHRONO BEAUTY COLOR TUNING UV is a no-foundation UV option that controls shine and does not flake. It also covers dark circles, dullness, and uneven skin tone with UV protection and complexion-enhancing effects.

ALLIE Chrono Beauty Milk UV EX

The ALLIE CHRONO BEAUTY MILK UV EX is suitable for the face and body, and provides a smooth emulsion that adheres evenly to the skin. It moisturizes without leaving a white residue for sustained beauty and is a non-tightening emulsion UV product that is also resistant to sweat, water and friction.

ALLIE Chrono Beauty Facial Gel UV EX

Lastly, ALLIE CHRONO BEAUTY FACIAL GEL UV EX helps to prevent shine and the breakdown of sunscreen and leaving the skin with a brightened finish. It is a UV primer gel that evenly adheres foundation and is resistant to sweat, sebum and friction.

ALLIE’s products are priced at:

  • CHRONO BEAUTY GEL UV EX at S$14.90 for mini, S$29.90 for 90g
  • CHRONO BEAUTY MILK UV EX at S$29.90 for 60ml
  • CHRONO BEAUTY TONE-UP UV 01/02/03 at S$25.90 for 60g
  • CHRONO BEAUTY COLOR TUNING UV 01/02/03 at S$30.90 for 40g
  • CHRONO BEAUTY FACIAL GEL UV EX at S$29.90 for 60g

is now available for purchase in stores at selected BHG Welcia, Don Don Donki outlets, and Watsons from April 2022.

ALLIE’s product range is also available for purchase online at:

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