COVERMARK had since recreate the true beauty of human skin with lively skin veil that enhances the beautiful glowing finish to last longer and cover face flaws such as blemishes, dullness and roughness. The COVERMARK FLAWLESS FIT contains Intercellular-lipid-like* moisturizing ingredients such as ceramide, plant cholesterol and palmitic acid. Infused with a melting matrix formula* that makes the cream glides on like a second skin, it maintains a beautiful finish all day!

With six key plants extracts (Panax Ginseng, Ganoderma Lucidum, Angelica Acutiloba Root, Coicis Semen, Persicae Semen, Aloe) and water-soluble Collagen formulation, it prevents dark spots and freckles caused by sun damage with a sun care protection of SPF 35 PA+++. It is available in a wide range of 11 shades, to cover as much skin colour combination possibilities, and you will bound to find the perfect shade within the range and start to empower yourself with COVERMARK FLAWLESS FIT.


Simply glide the sponge over your skin once only, and it will cover your spots and flaws completely, revealing a beautiful skin with a silky and natural look.

  • The Lively Skin Veil is designed to make your skin look silky and natural It is a flexible cosmetic coat consisting of the following three layers: Skin Reflection Oil, which makes your skin look silky while preventing the cover powder from caking, smudging and producing a thick, heavy and uneven look; Horny Layer Reproduction Powder, which reproduces the complex light reflection observed in horny layers inside the skin; and Coverage Power, with high coverage.

The beautiful finish is kept all day long as if you have just finished your makeup looking fresh and good.

  • COVERMARK’s original technology Melting Matrix Formula

This formula liquefies the foundation instantly when it touches your skin. The liquid spreads thinly, covers the unevenness on your skin, and gives it a cohesive finish. If you spread the foundation over your skin, a flexible and cohesive cosmetic coat will be formed on the skin, resulting in a beautiful, long-lasting finish.

  • Perfect Skin Color Theory

The foundation has been developed based on COVERMARK’s original color design to deliver both high coverage and a beautiful finish simultaneously. While considering many combinations of hues (colors) and saturation (vividness), both of which determine skin tones. A research was conducted to find the best color balance to cover spots and deliver a naturally beautiful look.

  • Highly Moisturising

It is also highly moisturizing with potent plants extracts to not only increase the moisture level of the skin infused with Collagen but also prevent water evaporation from the skin. Your skin is kept hydrated throughout the day unveiling a perfect, glowy, healthy look always.

Ordinary foundation color (yellowish)
– Makes your skin look yellowish and dull
– Does not achieve a fresh complexion, and makes you look unhealthy
– Makes the entire face flat, and provides an unnatural finish with a thick and heavy look

FR based on the new theory
– Only a small amount of the foundation is needed to cover spots, resulting in a natural finish without a thick and heavy look.
– The foundation prevents your skin from looking yellowish and dull, enhances your complexion, and gives you a lively, bright, ideal skin tone

If you wish to find out more information about COVERMARK and its products, kindly visit their website at

  • COVERMARK FLAWLESS FIT refill is available for purchase at S$80 for 8g and the case is sold separately at S$30 each at the following outlets:
  • Takashimaya, 1F Beauty Hall o       Isetan Scotts, Level 1
  • BHG Bugis, Level 1


Melting Matrix Formula This is a formula technology to compactify flexible and cohesive cosmetic coat ingredients. When rubbed on the surface to cause friction, the foundation is liquefied and becomes easy to apply over your skin. After the application, the Lively Skin Veil and the Moisture Veil are formed on the skin, enabling the beautiful finish to last a long time.
Distinctive Ingredients
Skin Reflection Oil

(Newly added ingredient)

This is an oil ingredient that reflects a lot of light, enabling your skin to look silky and beautiful. In addition, the oil reduces excessive light reflection on the skin surface, helping to prevent your face from looking unnaturally white.
Horny Layer

Reproduction Powder

(Newly added ingredient)

This is a multi-layered powder consisting of three types of powder coated in order. By reproducing a complex reflection of light, the powder delivers a naturally beautiful look. (Due to the powder, it looks as if light is reflected through the horny layers of your skin.)
Intercellular-lipid-like Ingredients The intercellular-lipid-like ingredients, namely ceramide, phytosterol, and palmitic acid, bring about the same effect as intercellular lipid, which serves as a barrier to protect the horny layers. The moisture evaporating from your skin is taken into the cosmetic coat, and then spread throughout the coat. As a result, it moistened your skin while the foundation is on your skin. The ingredients are also effective for treating rough and dry skin.
Skin Emollient Oil Amino-acid-based emollient oil

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