The ION Orchard Singapore will play host to the latest installment of the Hextech Expo
Alongside Singapore, Paris, London, Madrid, Istanbul and L.A have all been chosen to host the
highly anticipated Hextech Expo

Ahead of the opening, fans can get a sneak peak of valuable Hextech technology through the

Riot Games’ TV show ARCANE launched globally on November 07 on Netflix

Riot Games is pleased to announce the ION Orchard Singapore will be hosting the Hextech Expo, bringing the technological advances of Arcanes’s Piltover to the real world. Piltover, known as the City of Progress within Arcane and League of Legends, has harnessed the power of magic, through Hextech, to create a treasure trove of immensely powerful, barely believable, and intensely desired tech that would wreak chaos in the wrong hands.

The Hextech Expo window display has today been unveiled, with the opening on Wednesday 17 November. A connected experience for fans, visitors to the ION Orchard Singapore can now preview amazing Hextech technology in the window displays.

The Hextech Expo can be found at ION Orchard Singapore, Level Basement 1.

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