Offshore Bar & Grill provides an out of Singapore, dining-by-the-sea experience with fresh seafood and drinks

offshore bar and grill

Offshore Bar & Grill provides an out of Singapore, dining-by-the-sea experience with fresh seafood, good barbecue and beers at great prices.

Located at Tanah Merah Ferry Terminal — a stone throw away from the modern living, enjoy the pleasures of life at Offshore. Kick back to a seaside view. Take a whiff of the fresh ocean air from the Singapore Strait. Escape from the stress of work and life. They are pet-friendly. Switch off at Offshore Bar & Grill.

Come experience #thatOBGlife

Tanah Merah Ferry Terminal, #01-02, 50 Tanah Merah Ferry Rd, Singapore 498833
+65 6970 9185 or +65 9437 8922

Fact sheet



Offshore Bar & Grill


Tanah Merah Ferry Terminal, #01-02, 50 Tanah Merah Ferry Rd, Singapore 498833


+65 6970 9185 or +65 9437 8922

Operating hours

Cafe opens Monday to Sunday from 830am-530pm.

Buffet is available from Monday to Sunday from 5pm-10.30pm (10pm last order).

Launched on

25 September 2021.


210 pax total; 80 indoor and 130 outdoor seats.

Floor space

6,500 square feet including outdoor terrace.


The itemised menu list is seasonal and will be amended occasionally. Check with staff for updates.

Live seafood Seabass, Rock Lobster, Baby Lobster, Mudcrab, Tiger Prawn, Freshwater Prawn, Mussels, Honey selection     Clam, Manila Clam, Lala Clam, Razor Clam, Venus Clam (White Clam), Large Cockles, Gonggong.


Seafood selection


Slipper Lobster, Prawns, Scampi, Gong Gong, Oyster, Asari Clams, Bamboo Clams, White Clams,

Flower Crab, Mud Crab, Seasonal Half Scallops, Half Shell Mussels, Fish Fillet, Salmon Fillet, Stingray Fillet, Baby Abalone, Baby Octopus, Cuttlefish, Squid Rings.




Beef: Balinese Beef (with Sambal Balado), Dong Bei Spicy Beef, Ginger Sauce Beef, Garlic Beef,

Gourmet Beef Sausage, Fat Beef Cubes (Weekends Only). Chicken: Ginger Sauce Chicken, Satay Chicken, Barbeque Wings, Honey Glazed Chicken, Cocktail Chicken Sausage. Pork: Teriyaki Pork, Red Curry Pork Belly, Char Siu Pork Belly, Smoked Cajun Pork, Pork Sausage.

Skewers selection


Tuna, Salmon, Barbeque Beef, Mix Pepper Beef, Chicken Tandori, Roasted Sesame Sauce Chicken, Mala Pork, Spicy Pork, Chef’s Special Of The Day, Live Cooking Stations (Weekends Only).

Cooked food buffet

2 Choices Of Starch, 1 Vegetable Dish, 1 Meat Dish, 4 Choices Of Kids Friendly Dishes. (All

items will change or rotate daily.)

Fruits & vegetables

Seasonal Fruits, Assorted Mushroom, Eggplant, Sweet Corn, Asparagus (Weekends Only).

Sauces & Condiments

Marinate: Honey Black Pepper, Chili Lime, Homemade Sambal, Mala, Roasted Sesame, Charcoal Tori,

Nachos Cheese, Chef’s Nyonya Special. Condiments: Chopped Spring Onion, Roasted Sesame Seed, Light Soy Sauce, Fried Shallot, Chopped Coriander, Chopped Garlic, Black Vinegar, Chopped

Chili Padi, Fried Garlic, Sesame Oil.

Bar snacks

Roast Pork with Homemade Chilli, Donalds Fried Air Dried Beef, Offshore Fries, Fried White Baits, Ebi Fry, Edamame, Devils Wings, Bilis Sliders, Offshore Bucket (Fried Combo).


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