Orchard Hotel Singapore’s award-winning Hua Ting Restaurant Millennium Mooncakes 2021

Celebrate this Mid-Autumn Festival with Millennium Mooncakes crafted by Orchard Hotel Singapore’s award-winning Hua Ting Restaurant

Orchard Hotel Singapore Mooncake box

Hua Ting’s New and Signature Mini Snow Skin Mooncake Collection with Baked Goodies

Fresh from winning the World Gourmet Summit (WGS) Awards Hall of Fame, Hua Ting restaurant unveils an array of autumnal treasures to celebrate Mid-Autumn reunions. This year, the dainty delicacies are elegantly encased in gift boxes sporting Millennium Red and adorned with tasteful touches of chinoiserie motifs. The premium pine wood packaging makes for an exceptional gift and can be repurposed as a beautiful storage box.

Assorted Mini Snowskin Mooncakes                                              Handcrafted Mini Snow skin Flavours;

Assorted Traditional Baked Mooncakes

Hua Ting’s All-time Traditional Mooncake Favourites

Spice up your Mid-Autumn Festival with MasterChef Lap Fai’s stimulating snow skin creations:

Wasabi with Roasted Hazelnut 芥末榛子冰皮月饼

Drawing inspirations from this unique plant, MasterChef Lap Fai blends the quintessential Japanese ingredient – wasabi and a special paste filling laced with roasted hazelnuts into a refreshing Wasabi with Roasted Hazelnut 芥末榛子冰皮月 ($72 per box of 8) mini snow skin mooncakes that will certainly excite your taste buds.

Salted Egg Yolk Custard 奶黄咸蛋迷你冰皮月饼

Complementing his innovative snow skin creation is the Salted Egg Yolk Custard 奶黄咸蛋迷你冰皮月 ($72 per box of 8) mini snow skin mooncakes, which comprise velvety custard paste studded with a savoury salted egg.

Blueberry with Vintage Hua Diao Wine蓝莓陈年花雕冰皮月饼 For those who enjoy a dash of alcohol in their mooncakes, don’t miss the luscious purple-hued Blueberry with Vintage Hua Diao Wine 年花雕冰皮月 ($72 per box of 8) mini snow skin mooncakes which entice with the tarte taste of blueberries. Each bite is punctuated with generous bits of the berry and definitive hints of 30-year-old ‘Chen Nian Hua Tiao’ (Vintage Rice Wine).

White Lotus Paste with Champagne 香槟巧克力冰皮月饼  Last but not least, the brilliant orange-hued White Lotus Paste with Champagne 香巧克力冰皮月  ($72 per box of 8) mini snow skin mooncakes envelope a champagne-filled white chocolate ganache to present a mouthful of bubbly goodness.

Featuring two of each snow skin specialty flavours, the Hua Ting Mini Snow skin Treasure Gift Box 华厅迷你冰皮月饼礼盒 ($72 per box of 8) is a prime choice for impressive gifting, perfectly suited for those who delight in modern pairings.


Timeless Classics to Commemorate Lunar Traditions     Assorted Traditional Baked Mooncakes3

Baked to a glorious golden brown and perfected with the Master Chef’s touch, purists with a penchant for time-honoured flavours will relish Hua Ting’s best-selling baked mooncakes including:

White Lotus Paste with Macadamia Nuts (Low Sugar) 低糖夏果白蓉 ($72 per box of 4)

White Lotus Paste with Single Yolk and Macadamia Nuts (Low Sugar) 黄夏果白蓮蓉月 ($76 per box of 4)

White Lotus Paste with Double Yolk and Macadamia Nuts (Low Sugar) 双黄夏果白蓮蓉月饼 ($78 per box of 4)

Seeds of Harmony (Assorted Nuts) 五仁月 ($76 per box of 4)

Black Sesame Paste with Melon Seeds 颜黑芝麻瓜子月饼 ($72 per box of 4). 

Hua Ting’s Traditional Treasure Gift Box 华厅

精选烘焙月饼礼盒 ($76 per box) which comprises the first four selection of baked mooncakes, makes for ideal gifting to those who enjoy perennial classics.

Millennium Mooncakes by Hua Ting is available at Orchard Hotel Lobby Kiosk from now until 21 September 2021. All prices quoted are subject to prevailing government taxes.

Opening Hours: Daily [12pm-8pm]
Website: http://mooncakes.millenniumhotels.com
Price: Prices from $72 to $78 per box of 4 Baked or 8 Mini Snowskin Mooncakes
Reservation number: +65 6739 6577
Email: mooncake.ohs@millenniumhotels.com
Instagram: @HuaTingRestaurant.OHS @OrchardHotelSingapore

Where to buy mooncakes in Singapore 2021 Top 10 Collection

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