Nouri and Minerva Passion Mooncakes 2021

This Mid-Autumn Festival, Michelin-starred chef Ivan Brehm of Restaurant Nouri and Appetite, together with Minerva Passion, have created a limited edition set of mooncakes. Minerva Passion specialized in unique festive & corporate gifting that brings unparrelled creativity & personalisation gifting ideas.

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Enjoy 20% discount for the Set of 4 from 22nd August 2021.
Discounts will be applied at checkout.

MOONLIGHT 月光 comes as a set of four mooncakes, each inspired by humanity’s shared relationship with different Full Moons.

Granted the status of an imperial tea, Longjing 龙井 is the drink of legends. Their Long Night Moon combines high-grade Longjing green tea with French candied chestnuts, nori powder, and egg yolk, for a mellow and rounded flavour with a hint of citrus. As symbolic as it is powerful, this mooncake honours the coming of winter and the last full moon of the year.

An ode to the Silk Road that connected China to the West, Harvest Moon unites small-producer saffron 藏红花 and pistachios from Iran with an organic damask rose petal jam from north India. This fragrant and fruity mooncake pays tribute to the Harvest Moon that is a godsend for farmers all around and to this meaningful season.

Baked to a radiant golden brown, Egg Moon, a representation of April’s spring moon, is filled with Double Egg Yolk 双黄莲蓉 and a naturally-fragrant white lotus paste. Known as Pink Moon by Native Americans and Egg Moon by Anglo-Saxons, this mooncake is both sweet and savoury with hints of malt.

Based on another familiar mooncake flavour, Hunter Moon features a luxurious combination of almonds 五仁, walnuts, pine nuts, melon seeds, and much more. In this earthy and nutty version with caramel notes, Chef Ivan draws inspiration from the bright full moon that has been the loyal companion to many a hunter in late autumn.

– All discounts offered are applicable for Set of 4 only.
– Collection/delivery of orders will commence from 21st August 2021 to 21st September 2021.

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